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Working Principle
This machine is a HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) system for skincare purpose. As it is based on non-invasive treatment, it can be used safely without damage on the surface of skin.
HIFU has received unanimous positive feedback since its coming out.In the 10 thousand example treatment cases,it got 99.6% degree of satisfaction,becoming the gold standard in the field of skin lifting and wrinkle removal.

Using high frequency penetrates the cortex of 1.5-4.5 mm, from deep to the superficial muscle fascia tissue SMAS and high frequency oscillatory thermal energy produced by the Organization to focus on, and from the body of the SMAS layer thermal coagulation, tighten and improve, wrinkle firming, is considered new Overlord of anti-wrinkle field.

Basic parameters

Power: 800W
Treatment head: DS4-1.5mm, DS4-3.0mm, DS4-4.5mm, optional: BS4-8.0mm,     BS4-13.0mm
Shots: 5000/10000/20000 shot / cartriage
Treatment length: 5-25mm
Treatment point distance: 1.0-3.0mm
Frequency: 4MHz 7MHz 10MHz
Power supply: 200-240V AC / 50Hz 100-120V AC / 60Hz
Size: 53 * 54 * 42 cm (host)
       90 * 55 * 65cm (base)
Weight: 40KG
Power supply: 200-240V AC / 50HZ 100-120V AC / 60HZ


Item Description
1 Handle connector Used to insert the head cable socket
2 USB Optional USB removable storage device (no)
3 Error indicator It will alarm when operation erroneously
4 ON / OFF button On indicates that the power-on state, light off, that the shutdown state
5 The rear panel USB port Access keys for the Ulthera system user
6 Main power switch power supply system
7 Power cord socket For the power cord connection socket

Advantages and Features
1, dispel various wrinkles;
2, for relaxation of skin, can effective tightened skin;
3, skin more has elastic, more delicate;
4, long-term keep skin young State and treatment can replace high risk skin lifting surgery;
5, solve skin loosing, sagging, and wrinkles three big age problem;
6, non- surgery, non injection, and efficient security, short recovery time.
7.3 times treatments, which can make skin collagen in growing as much as a year, within six months is the peak growing season, growth was inspired. Lasting up to a maximum of 5 years.
Short treatment time, about 40 minutes to complete the treatment, and no recovery period after the operation. Without affecting the life, work, and is the international authority of the top anti-aging system.

Display Machine

Treatment Range
Mainly used in the overall excess sagging skin, wrinkles, aging skin rough, face shaping, improving eye area and neck loose, drooping.
1, wrinkle Facial rejuvenation: deep wrinkles, folds, forehead lines, nasolabial fold enhancement, lip wrinkles, frown wrinkles, tighten skin, double chins, thin face;
2, treatment of acne;
3, wrinkle eye: eye contour lines, Crow’s, pouch, tightening of loose skin around the eyes;
4, body rejuvenation: back tightening-type, x-type adjustment, repair, buttocks contouring waist shaping, leg shaping, remove the butterfly sleeves, fix minor stretch marks.

1.Guests wear Jewelry should be taken off;
2.Mobile phones should be shut down or placed outside the treatment area;
3.mild stinging is normal during treatment;
4.Cannot be applied to pregnant women;
5.Cannot be applied to bleeding, thrombosis of arteriosclerosis, acute inflammations, articular and soft tissue rotting;
6.Machine should not kept beside the direct light and heating apparatus, particularly the chosen place in the summer.
7.Place the machine away from where there is water or moisture. (Sauna, bath shrine), it may be damaged.
8.Prohibition of exposure to external shocks, so as not to cause damage to handle when it is used in particular, beware of falling on the ground.
9.Please do not wipe the equipment against chemical substances (alcohol, benzene, believe that water, etc) may be damaged.
10.use this instrument for long time may be damaged.
11.This equipment can only be used on the face, neck, abdomen, with particular attention to avoid the eyes.
12.Do not let children touch the instruments.

 Delivery and Shipping
√ Delivery within 3-5 days off season, 5-7 days in busy season after payment
√ Shipping Way: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx etc. in  door to door service  by air 

Our Services
One year warranty: if there any problem happens with machine, we will repair it free of charge
Convenient training:  operation video is available,and we can provide the online training
OEM/ODM services:  logo, language, interface can specially be designed 

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