Best 2 in 1 IPL Elight and ND YAG Laser for Hair Removal Tattoo Removal



1. Technical principles
(1) E-light: uses IPL and RF two-stage radio frequency technology to act on the entire dermis and connective tissue, stimulating different depths of collagen, rearranging and growing to achieve therapeutic effect, two-stage radio frequency release energy at the same time, using the skin to Selective absorption of light energy causes various lesions in the epidermis and dermis to produce photopyrogenic effects. Because its light energy requirements are much lower than the traditional IPL, it is possible to absorb more energy from various pigmented and vascular lesions in the epidermis and dermis without damaging the epidermis, and to better eliminate these lesions, to achieve the effect of treatment.(2) SHR: professional 640nm-950nm hair removal wavelength effective penetration depth can reach the hair papilla, continuous light guarantees that the target tissue will generate enough heat to inactivate the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells, hair follicle shrink hair stop growing; the latest single pulse technology and sapphire contact The operation head allows the operation and cooling to be performed synchronously, which not only eliminates the long-term effect of the hair, but also protects the normal skin tissue from being harmed, so that the customer feels more comfortable during the operation.(3) YAG technology: the use of laser instantaneously emits high energy to effectively break down the pigment in the diseased tissue, so that the irradiated pigment particles absorb the energy to expand and rupture. A part of the pigment breaks into tiny particles and is excreted, and part of it is swallowed by human macrophages. Through the lymphatic system excretion, thus eliminating pigment. Since the normal tissue does not absorb laser light of a fixed wavelength, the integrity of the cell framework is maintained, and no scar formation condition occurs.2. ApplicationHair removal: Permanent hair removal, indecent hair (growth hair) throughout the body, including lighter hair. * Freckle removal: Remove freckles, chloasma, sunburn spots, age spots, acne marks, facial scars. * Skin Rejuvenation: Improve pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, restore skin elasticity.* Wrinkle: removes genuine, false wrinkles, anti-aging facial and body. * Treatment of telangiectasia: red blood, facial flushing. * Remove dark complexion, make the skin white, uniform color. * Remove red, brown, brown and other color tattoos. * Remove various tattoos, eyebrows, lips, tattoos, eyeliners and lip lines. 3. Parameter

Voltage AC220V / 110V
Power 1200W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm 532nm 1320nm
Laser Energy 300-1500 J / cm2
Laser Frequency 1-10Hz
Spot Size 10*40mm
Pulse Width 0.1-7.0ms (SHR)
Cooling System Water cooled semiconductor refrigeration air cooled

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