Best Price Face Lift 3D Hifu Anti-Wrinkle Weight Loss Machine


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 Best price face lift 3D HIFU anti-wrinkle weight loss machine

1  High Focused Ultrasound System korea smas 3D HIFU 

2 10-11 lines 

3 10000 shots

4 3 cartridages ,3.0mm,4.5mm and 8.0mm( for body )

5 CE approved 

Counter of Cartridge  10,000 shots for each cartridge
Number of Cartridge 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 8.0mm for standard, 1.5mm, 13mm for optional
Frequency  4MHz
Treatment Length 5 ~ 25mm
Treatment Width 1 ~ 10mm
Treatment Energy 0.2J ~ 2.0J
Treatment Depth 1.5mm / 3mm / 4.5mm / 8mm /13mm depending on different cartridge
Display Screen 15.0 inch LCD
Net Weight 15Kg

Sales Manager

Coco Niu

Beijing Sincoheren Science and Technology Development

Address:A-4 ,Xizhimen north str.43, Beijing, China





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