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Micro diamond dermabrasion machine !!!


Diamond micro-dermabrasion is a new main product of cosmetic science and technology at present, and the new trend of beauty. Its appearance enables beauty industry’s radiating a kind of new vigor. It exfoliates your skin by utilizing a multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vacuuming the topmost layer of skin, it makes old and damaged skin break away automatically, in the mean time it can stimulate the growing of skin and the blood circulation, accelerate skin organize development, promote the growth of collagen. Combining proper skin care procedure, it can make skin become soft and fresh make you more beautiful and pleasant.

Structure Introduction & Service parts list:

1. Dermabrasion pen (3 pieces ) 2. Diamond head (9 pieces)


1. Recuperate the skin quality and rebuild the health skin;
2. Improve the aging cutis, coarse and aging skin,
3. Improve the detailed line of skin and lax phenomenon,
4. Desalinize spot;
5. Improve thick of pore, small pox scar and concave hole;
6. Stimulate the blood circulation and metabolism;
7. There is no irritating, no shouting pain, no need anaesthetize;
8. Suitable for various kinds of skin, the sensitive skin can be done too;
9. With rubbing the peel of physics machinery type, can control freely;
10. Can see the result at once;
11. Recover fast, one cycle is about 5-7days;
12. Will not influence the work and social activity after treatment

Main technical parameters:

Power source: AC220-240V/50Hz, AC100-120V/60Hz
Rated input power: 50W.
Category of electric shock prevention: Category 1

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