Hight-Quality-8-in-1-Beauty-Microdermabrasion Aqul Peel Hydra Facial Machine


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Storage Temperature(-10ºC- 40ºC), Humidity(20% – 80%)
Voltage & frequency AC 220 – 240V; 50/60Hz
Consumer power 200W
Size 325W*387D*363H
Weight 11KG
Max. output current (90mA)
Max. suction (650mmHg)
Max. output voltage (140Vpp)
Max. frequency (1MHz)
Default time (30min)
Main parameters

1 oxygen jet peel function

2 bio microcurrent

3 RF function

4 Ultrasound function

5 cold hammer

Quick details :

1. hydra Water dermabrasion with 8 replaceable heads for deeply cleaning

2. Cold hammer for sedation skin,shrink pores,locking nutrients.

3. RF for skin tightening,wrinkle remove

4. BIO for skin lifting

5. Ice repair handle to promote strong contruction of the skin pores in the skin surface tp from a layer of a natural ice to protest the skin nutrition.

6.Quality in Strictly Control

7.OEM/ODM Offering

The details display of the facial machine:

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