Home Use Moisturizing Beauty Machine for Face Keep Rejuvenation


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Home Use Moisturizing Beauty Machine for Face Keep Rejuvenation


Spray tester can nanoscale ultrafine water molecules from the penetration on the surface of cortex, direct muscle bottom, replenishing water fast, microporous atomization piece of 16 mm, will be extended to thinner than a human body pore water molecules of 0.3 0.5 um, rapid filling water for 10 seconds, the absorption rate increased to 90%, water embellish skin health all day. The mist lasts for 30 seconds and can be imported for 24 hours. Utrasmall particle can penetrate into, 30 seconds ultra-high-speed import. Spray particles extremely fine water spray particle is completely different with ordinary, spit out the moment has been absorbed by the skin, there will be no water in the face, feel moisturizing but not water mark.
The ultrasonic function can deeply clean the skin, moisturize the skin and massage the water. 1 million times per second, ultrasonic effect on aging cells and pore within the dirt, the smash, use make up cotton and make up water and dirt out of the aged cells, achieve deep-seated cleanness, and rapidly to protect skin to taste is decomposed into more beneficial to the skin absorption of small molecules, to help increase the circulation of the skin, skin absorption capacity, temperature humidity massage to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improve complexion is dark yellow, edema, detoxification, facial wrinkles, to reshape the eye fine lines and jaw lines, apple muscle promotion effect is particularly obvious.

Product features

(1) Advanced nano-level hydrating technology, the output of ultra-fine water mist, penetrating the skin surface, and the delicate atomization of moisture directly to the bottom of the muscle.
(2) Ultrasound can effectively promote blood circulation, accelerate collagen production, activate muscle cells, and make skin glow from inside to outside. 
(3) The product is unique in shape design, high-end atmosphere, compact and convenient to carry.
(4) USB fast charging, no need to change batteries, environmental safety, save money, save the heart.


Name Ultrasonic nano spray meter (cold spray)  
Model SD-PW01 
Function SIDEY
Working voltage 3.7V
Product power 2W
Size 45mm*45mm*175mm
Function Soothing hydration and acoustic wave repair


Beijing HONKON Technologies Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of medical andaesthetic equipment, we focus on R&D, production, marketing, and servicing in beautyline more than 21 years. Our products cover full range of beauty equipment, and havebeen approved by international standard organizes ISO 9001, ISO13485, CE93/42/EEC,EMC, and SFDA.
SIDEY is HONKON’s brand for household devices. Our products cover LED therapy forfacial care, LED therapy for hand and foot care, breast beautifying, Diode Laser HairRemoval, CAVI and so on for 16 series which are over 100 products.
SIDEY is located at Liaoning city, China. The products have been continuously improvedand updated due to the feedback from customers, the latest trend in the world and thecontinuous innovation from our stuff. With the guidance of "Science Creates Beauty",SIDEY will keep on leading manufacturer in medical and aesthetic device industry, neverstop improving our technology and supplying the best service for all over the world.

We will try our best to satisfy our customers with the best quality machines and services. Thanks for your time and welcome your  inquiry.  If you are interested in our product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer more information, hope we will cooperate in the future!


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