Hot Lip Filling Skin Rejuvenation Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Meso Gun


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LEADING-IN HYALURONIC PEN: this noninvasive,it adopts the pressure technology, bursting into nanoscale small molecules to penetrate the skin so as to achieve timely significant cosmetic effect

PRINCIPLE: the use of 6.5bar pressure, in nanoscale small molecules 220 meters per second, the speed of air flow to the skin grass roots skin care droplets delivered directly through the skin,transfer gel like hyaluronic acid, VC to skin dermal layer

Product name Hyaluron Pen
Item No. LN-M9
Material of body 304 stianless steel
Configuration Main body nozzle
Size of main body 6.5*2cm
Extension size 8*2cm
Size of nozzle 2.5*0.5cm

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