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Portable LED Therapy PDT Beauty Machine 7 Colors

1) White beauty
2) Speckle removal
3) Keep moist
4) Relax sensitivity
5) Pox and marking removal
6) Physical therapy of body and face
7) Breast beauty

LED medical treatment system, as the newest high-tech product, adopts the imported gene biology-wave lamp-house with over 99% original LED from America, with the unique transmitting technology by light signal in the world, not heat effect.

Treatment applications
– Removal: Whelk, Macula, and Folliculitis
– Improvement: Coarse Pore, Flabby Skin, thin Wrinkle, Gray complexion etc.
– Improvement: Improve facial nerve anaesthesia, Relieve pressure, Improve sleeping.
– Desalt: Fleck, Sunburn, and Age Pigment etc.
– Rehab: Any burn, Blain or Pigmentation caused by high energy from IPL and laser treatment.
– Modulation: Maladjusted incretion, Ovary Maintained, breast lifting.

Colors for different treatments Red light for skin rejuvenation

(1) Red light for skin rejuvenation

(2) Blue light for acne

(3) Purple light is the combination of red light and blue light, so functions for both red light and blue light

(4) Yellow light will give energy for the skin, improve immunity ability for the skin.

(5) Green light is used to relax the skin, let the patient get relaxed from hard work.

(6) Orange light is used to improve the metabolism for the skin.

(7) Radium light can penetrate into the skin very deeply and can be used for the pigment treatment, speckles removal and improve the skin.

There are also some other lights combination of the colors, so the functions are combinated.

Technical parameters
Lightness: >=8000mcd
Light source: LED gene biology light
Seven colors. Output wave:
Red: 640nm±5nm ,
Blue: 470nm±5nm ,
Gree: 560nm±5nm,
Yellow: 590nm±5nm.
Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Output power: 120mw/cm2
Size: 66.5x44x66.5cm Weight: 53KG

Warranty Service:
1) We provide 2 years warranty,
Not man-made and Natural disaster problems within 2 years, we will deliver free accessories, the clients only need to pay the shipping cost.

2) After 2 years, if the products have any questions, we provide professional guides to help you solving your problems.
If need replacement, we only charge its cost price, without any profit, clients also need to pay the shipping cost.

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