Multifunctional Veitical Skin Rejuvenation Opt Laser IPL Hair Removal Machine


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Multifunctional veitical skin rejuvenation opt laser ipl hair removal machine

 We have distributor in USA, Australia and Europe, local service is available!!!
Product Description
SMQ-NYC3 is an Intensive Pulse Light(IPL) treatment therapeutic machine in a vertical type.

SMQ-NYC3 is Sincoheren’s third generation of Intensive Pulse Light therapeutic machine. SMQ-NYC3 has a 10.4-inch touch panel controller, a user-friendly multi-language operating system. With the adoption of perfect pulse technology, stable and even outputting of the energy can be easily realized. 

 What is OPT? OPT stands for Super Hair Removal which utilizes the most advanced technology of "in- motion" to carry out pain-free treatment. OPT is able to output 10 shots at 1 second and make treatment movable. Combining with perfect semi-conductor cooling system, this machine brings totally pain free and comfortable treatment feeling. It is more effective than traditional IPL machine.

FP=Fly Point
FP mode was developed by R&D Department of Sincoheren. FP outputs a series of pulses during operation in different sensitive areas, such as upper lips, hairline, and front ear etc. By using FP mode to do hair removal, the treatment is more accurate and effective, especially for thin hairs. More comfortable treatment experience on small areas will be realized.

 OPT Precipulse Technology
1. Multi-pulse technology makes treatment more efficient through selectively adopting different pulse width and duration on different target tissues.
2. Perfect square, balanced energy output and "in-motion" treatment will be well realized.
3. Epidermis will be maximally protected and gradual increasing of epidermis temperature is guaranteed.
4. Target tissue reaches treatment temperature rapidly so as to guarantee therapeutic result
5. Totally comfortable treatment, no side-effect.

There are 3 different modes for your choice:

1. Traditional IPL mode

2. OPT mode with in-motion technology, the treatment efficiency can be improved significantly. 

3. FP(Flyer Point)mode, specially  designed for sensitive parts treatment such as lip and bikini. 

 Before and After Treatment

Our Customers

The opt ipl machine performs very good and many clients speak highly of the machine. 

Hair removal; 
Skin rejuvenation;   
Wrinkles reduction;    
Skin tightening;   
Acne Lightening and eliminating;   
Skin elasticity improving;   
Vascular lesions removal;  
Telangiectasis curing;   
Freckles eliminating, 
Removal of pigmentations, age spots, sun spots, etc.   

Advantages of IPL OPT System
1. PreciPulse, accurate energy output (deviation <5%)
2. 3 treatment heads: HR; SR; VR(Optional)
3. 3 treatment modes, traditional IPL, FP (FlY POINTS) mode, OPT mode for different diseases
4. 2000W IPL power supply system, discharge frequency 1Hz
5. Strong cooling system and 100W power guarantees continuous working for one hour and a half
6. Mini and delicate treatment hand Piece, easy to output
7. TDK-Lambda switching power supply system
8. USB reserved connector for future upgrading

Hand Pieces for different treatments

Spot Size: HR 16*57mm,               SR 8*34mm, VR 8*34mm

PreciPulse is the development of third-generation fully intelligent pulsed light treatment systems of Beijing Sincoheren S&T Development Co.,Ltd.Using OPT-perfect pulse technology, precision energy control, preset three therapeutic modes:Traditional IPL treatment,Fly Point treatment,supper hair removal treatment. Device configuration large 10.4-inch touchscreen colorful display,Control smooth ,with small and exquisite treatment handles , make operating light and comfortable. Reserved for USB upgrade interface and equipped with network management functions.

User Friendly Interface



Light source Xenon lamp
Spectrum HR 690-1200nm  SR 560-1200nm
Fluence HR 5-45J/cm2    SR 5-40J/cm2
Pulse duration 2-9.9ms for IPL
Pulse delay 5-60ms for IPL
Frequency 1-10Hz for OPT
Pulse duration 2-10ms for OPT
Repetition rate 2-10 for FP
Spot size 16*57mm2 for HR    8*34MM2 for SR
Cooling Semiconductor water air cooling
Skin cooling Contact skin cooling technology
Electrical 220-240VAC  50Hz  3000VA
Dimension(W*D*H) 525*490*1015mm
Packing dimension 620*680*1240mm
Net weight 45kg
Gross weight 60kg

Selectively VR Handpiece

Spectrum  VR 420-1200nm
Energy density VR 5-45J/cm2
Spot size 8*34mm2 for VR


FDA(k123435), Australian TGA, CE Approved

Our Services

24 hours quick response!
User manual, service manual, maintenance manual and DVD are supplied to clients for usage
1 year free warranty and life-long maintenance service!
Professional engineer service and branch offices in Europe, Australia and HK, quick after-sale service!
Company Information

Beijing Sincoheren Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd was established in 1999 and we have nearly 17 years exporting experience in beauty equipment field with OEM&ODM available. We also have our own Research&Development Department and factory, so we can provide special service to our clients such as logo, color and so on. What’s more, we have branch in Germany and Australia. We are now the top 5 beauty equipment manufacturer in China. You won’t be regret after choosing us!
OEM/ODM Service

1. Sincoheren has an integrated professional system of products research and development, manufacture, certificates identification and market promotion.
2. Comprehensive and well organized SPDP procedure guarantees products development.
3. 50 staff works for R&D department in Sincoheren.
4. Successfully provide OEM/ODM service for USA distributors, Canadian distributor, Germany distributors, Turkey distributor, and Australia distributors, etc.
Quality Control Process
Sincoheren strictly follows requirements of ISO9001 and ISO 13485. Every machine has passed quality control process before delivery.

Contact Way

Lily Li

Sales manager 

Beijing Sincoheren S&T Development Co., Ltd

Mobile: 0086 18701085780

Add: A-4, Sinotrans Plaza Jia 43#, Xizhimen Beidajie, Beijing 100044 China 

Sincoheren —-Your best choice.

For more information, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!!!


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