Portable 1064nm ND YAG Laser Lipolysis Laser Liposuction


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Portable 18W 1064nm ND YAG Lipolysis Liposuction Aspirator Weight Loss Medical Machine


Specification Laser type ND: Yag
Wavelength 1064nm
Output power 18W (max. )
Energy 10mJ-100mJ
Frequency 1-10HZ
Laser conduct system fiber conduct
Indicator diode laser 3mW  650nm
Body material ABS
Cooling system Water cooling system/ Freon Compression Water cooling system (5-35oC)  (optional. )
size Machine Size 35cm*67cm*85cm
Packing Size 40cm*72cm*90cm
Packing Aluminous Case
Body material ABS (Butadiene Styrene)
Machine color white
Warranty 1 year

Treatment Theory

ONE:This machine is Intervention therapy. Using specific wavelength laser to break up cell wall of fat cells, formed holes in cell wall make cytoplasm outflow, then use the patented thin needle to draw the cytoplasm out of the body.
TWO:This machine has 2 parts. One part is for laser lipolysis, and another part is for laser liposuction. Some of other clients would choose only the melt part, because after we melt the fat, the fat loses activity after high temperature light, then the fat will absorbed directly by the body.


This machine can be used in Lipolysis, Endovenous Veins Laser Treatment, Percutaneous Laser Dsic Decompression, Hemorrhoid, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, General surgery, Vascular, ENT, Urology, Gynaecology, Neuro surgery.

Other Accessories

1 vacuum suction,
2 laser optical fibers with diameter 1mm &0.6mm, length 1.8m
3 laser liposuction needles,
(1) Needle tube diameter: 1mm Length: 10cm
(2) Needle tube diameter: 1mm Length: 25cm
(3) Needle tube diameter: 2mm Length: 25cm
2 cannulas (one for fat melt, and another for liposuction),
1 foot pedal,
1 funnel,
1 power line,
2 keys.

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