Portable Q Switched ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Eye Brow Washing Equipment


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Portable Q Switch ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal  Eye Brow Washing Machine
Working Principle 

The special wavelength of YAG laser can penetrate skin of human body accordingto the theory and practice of "selective laser decomposing", the instrument usesthe laserwave to break Chromatophore into pieces which can be naturally absorbed by the body. So that it achieves the purpose of de-freckling.  
The 1064nm wavelength will shatters and removes the black and blue pigments  while the 523nm wavelength will shatters and removes red, pink, purple and brown pigments  of the tattoo or other pigmentations without damaging the normaltissue.


The system gem_adjusting Q switch can effectively curethe mixed pigments by pigment precipitation of extraneous source withpathological pigment change of endogenous source, inclusive of erroneous darkeyebrow-embroidery, lip-embroidery, lip-soak, eye line-embroidery, lipline,tattoo (inclusive of tattoo by extraneous wounds), pigment precipitation bysensitive source, freckle on female’s face (male’s), coffee spot, old agespot, black mole, and birthmark in black, blue, purple, brown, red and etc.Treatment course for different illness case as follows:
1. 1064nm Wavelength: Remove black and dark blue tattoo pigments, such as tattoos, eyebrows, dark color around the eyes, freckle, age spot etc.
2. 532nm Wavelength: Remove red and brown tattoos and red mark.
3. 1320nm wavelength: The 1320nm wavelength: Skin whitening and rejuvenation.  

Brief introduction:

1. Factory direct sale Q-Swtich Nd:YAG laser machine.
2. Single laser rod and double rods optional.
3. Zoom lens 1~5mm and beam expander 7mm available.
4. Strong and Stable energy output.
5. Air & Water circulation cooling system with copper radiator.
6. 8" true color touch screen with multi-languages.
7. 1064/532nm Q switched laser for all kinds of tattoo and pigmentation.

Treatments Treatment course required ( cure times) Treatment course interval Remark (requirements in surgery)
eyebrow-embroidery(eyeliner grain) 1 -2 times 30-60 days Eyebrow blow, eyeball protection
Eyebrow-embroidery ( eyeliner embroidery) 1-3 times 45-60 days Eyebrow blow,  eyeball protection
Lip line (red dyed lip) 1-3 times 15-45 days Use 532nm filter
Tattoo(caused by extraneous wounds) 1-4 times 30-60 days Blood infiltration will be fine on wounds
Freckle, age spot 1-4 times 15-30 days Blood infiltration will be fine on wounds
Birthmark, nevus/mole 3-7 times 45-90 days Must  have  Blood infiltration .

Product description

Product Details
Type DKDP & KTP Nd: YAG Laser
Certification Medical CE / ISO13485 / RoHS / FDA / PSE
Model C5P
Wavelength 1064 nm / 532 nm /1320nm
Output 200mJ (1064nm), 100mJ (532nm)
Spot Size 1~5mm
Pulse Width < 20ns
Repetition Rate Up to 10Hz
Laser YAG bar φ7 or φ6 φ7
Power 500W
Aiming beam Diode laser 655nm (Red)
Control 8 inch, Touch screen
Cooling system Advanced air & water cooling system
Power Supply AC110V/10A/ 60Hz, AC220V/5A/50Hz
Payment & Shipping
Minimum Order Quantity 1pc
Packaging Details 57x32x42cm,15Kg
Delivery Time After confirm payment wihin 2-3 days
Payment Terms Paypal, Western Union, T/T
Supply Ability 50pcs/week



  • High energy (500W) laser output, so with least scar after treatment
  • Adjustable wavelength at 1064nm or 532nm, swiching on handpiece with one finger
  • Improved KPT filter for stable output in precise wavelength
  • Energy will not decline within 2 years
  • Permanently removal of pigment, safe treatment and low risk of scarring
  • High frequency up to 10 shots per second
  • Unnecessary to use the cream to numb the patients’ skin
  • Quick recovery, low down time. After treatment, the slight edemais will disappear within a few days
  • High mobility – one of the smallest high energy laser in the world

Treatment range

The system gem-adjusting Q-switch can effectively cure the mixed pigments by pigment precipitation of extraneous source with pathological pigment change of endogenous source, inclusive of erroneous dark eyebrow-embroidery, lip-embroidery, lip-soak, eye line-embroidery, lip-line, tattoo (inclusive of tattoo by extraneous wounds), pigment precipitation by sensitive source, freckle on female’s face (male’s), coffee spot, old age spot, black mole, and birthmark in black, blue, purple, brown, red and etc.

Before & after treatment by laser
1. Preparation before treatment by:

No inflammation in the treatment part.

No treatment for pregnant woman.

Fomentation on the treatment part avoid skin dehydration.

No cosmetic left, clean the treatment part.

Taking photo before treatment, compare the effect after operation. 

2. Skin appearance after treatment:
Reddish swelling on treatment part on the moment, it will disappear shortly. To some special customers need to be higher, when you make the Volt too high, there comes the scab, but it will drop off naturally after 7 days, not to scratch it, skin becomes normally about 2 days. Taking some Vitamins can lighten the pigment circumfluence. Usually there is a feeling of scorching or slight bleeding; it is normal and no scar.When the scabs fade away, the treatment part shows pink, weeks later it appears coffee color, and 1-2 months later recover.

 3. Care after treatment:

1)You may clean the skin with non-stimulator water after treatment.

2) If there is slight bleeding when adjust the Volt higher, please wipe off and smear the Antiphlogistin (such as Illotycin) until the scar drops off. Not cosmetic or other medicines.

3)If the treatment parts is flush and feeling it not comfortable, can do ice compress.

4)Before the scab dropping off, the treatment part must be care not to touch water, not being scratching, avoiding certain food of hot, dark color of coffee, Coco Cola etc. Prohibit smoking and drinking .Let the scabs desquamate naturally not scale off in a force.Not taking plenty of sports avoiding of sweat infection. 

After the scab desquamating, No need to coat the Illotycin (Erythromycin) again, just smear the suntan lotion (SPF15 upwards) even in the room preventing UVA/UVB and keep along 3 to 6 months because of the treatment skin sensitivity to the sunlight. Using suntan lotion or umbrella preventing can improve the effect early.

Period for laser treatment: According to the different treatment parts and pigment dark or not, the treatment may be several times. Normally one period of treatment is 1-2 times, every time at 20-30 days interval. If there is no special, every 2-4 weeks go to clinic check again, if there is anything abnormally, please cure it early.Pigment fadeaway is a slow process, for the pigmentation skin, normally it is 1-3 months. In order to get more favorable effect, repeated treatment should be 1-3 months interval.

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