12 Needle Automated Electric Micro Needling Derma Pen


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12 Needle Automated Electric Micro Needling Derma pen

Nano – wafer skin principle
The use of microneedles on many tiny needles to stimulate the skin, in a very short period of time the microneedles can make more than 200,000 fine pipelines,so that active ingredients effectively penetrate the skin, accompanied by wrinkle, whitening, repair, remove stretch
marks, remove scar And other special effects products, so as to achieve the reduction of wrinkles, treatment of scar and stretch marks, skin whitening, reduce pigmentation, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue and other ideal results.
9-pin and 12-pin skin care principle
Through the vertical angle of the needle, in a very small wound to make the wound more easy to heal, every minute in the skin to establish 30000-40000 fine pipes, a great extent to reduce the pain of customers, and can make the skin more comprehensive. Needle up and
down the spacing are 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, the length of the needle up to 2.0 mm, the shortest 0.25 mm.

Microneedle Length Effect
0.25-0.5 Apply to any skin (eye), activate cells, improve skin tone, promote nutrient infiltration and absorption
0.5-0.75 Can be used for any skin, especially fine lines, fine lines, mild aging skin
1.0-2.0 Mainly to improve the convex hole, scar, stretch marks, aging skin

The scope of application
1, wrinkle to enhance: real-time upgrade, wake up the skin regeneration function, reduce fine lines, reduce the expression pattern, reverse youth. Suitable for eye wrinkles, mouth pattern, mouth and other rumors and other facial wrinkles, as well as facial aging and light aging of fine lines, fine lines and relaxation of aging skin.
2, the film repair: control the damaged and sensitive skin of the skin reconstruction process, the regulation of skin tissue functional differentiation, to prevent scar hyperplasia. Suitable for excessive skinning or grinding of the instrument caused by the skin is too thin and other damaged skin, insecurity freckle and other products caused by sensitive skin and red blood problems skin.
3, cured stretch marks: containing biological high activity wrinkle composition, can start the skin of the active repair mechanism, repair collagen, fibrin and connective tissue, reduce stretch marks; also contains high activity components of plant light licorice set, safe and efficient all-round The inhibition of melanin produces and decomposes the pigment, reducing the plaque of pregnancy.
4, face-lift upgrade: want to use it where the thin bar! Wake up the skin regeneration function, reduce facial aging and light aging fine lines, fine lines and relaxation of aging skin, reversal of youth. Strongly improve facial skin, create a beautiful curve.
5, whitening replenishment: containing high activity components of light licorice set for the latest international full-effect whitening functional raw materials, with a safe and efficient position to inhibit melanin production and decomposition of pigment function. Contains the best moisturizer hyaluronic acid, contact with the skin immediately after the formation of hydrophobic membrane, efficient lock water, skin whitening, dodge stains significantly.
6, treatment of acne: flat complex pox scar; governance baldness, home care, effective transport of nutrients, etc.

Company Profile:
 Dongguan Yahao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a company focus on producing beauty equipment for 10 years. We provide a wide range of products to meet customer requirements and we have advantage in producing cavitation slimming machine, IPL, dermabrasion machine and E-light photon equipment. With more over 300 well trained workers, 10 experienced engineers, our daily production is up to 300 units. We have our own R&D team, OEM/ODM are available. Our goal is to bring you the latest beauty and health equipment from around the world.
   Our company insists on the service tenet of "integrity and quality first".We launch the most stylish, popular and classic products.We are willing to offer you t you the most favorable price and the most perfect service, and develop the market with you.

Contact Us:
Manager: Jane Zhong  Tel: 86 13538584082


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