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Name: Buy Chinese products online pobling deep cleansing facial machine
Color: Traditional Black, Noble sliver, gold, green, welcome customized
Ultrasonic frquency: 3 MHz ± 5%
Area ultrasound head: 25mm
Depth of penetration: <2 cm
Adjustable Output Low, medium, high

Wavelenghth Red: 625 ± 3nm, bule, 465 ± 3nm
Light color: Red, bule
Output: 15 V 400mA (cable), 5 V 1A (wireless)
Battery capacity: 1100 mAh
Switch: On / off
Setting the timer: 10 minutes automatic shutdown
Dimensions (cm): 170 * 46 * 50mm
Material massage probe: Stainless Steel
The device body material: ABS

Bule and red light treatment.
Red Light: Wavelength 625 ± 3nm 12 LED activate cells, promote the formulation of collagen
Blue Light: Wavelength 465 ± 3nm12 LED diminish inflammation, kill the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria and eliminate acne and scars etc
Beauty equipment body slimming cellulite reduction Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Laser vacuum
Application and function:
You can generate ultrasonic vibrating 3,000,000 times / s with even and smooth waveform, vibration spend the interstitial tissue and subcutaneous fat, promote metabolism lipocytes, accelerate lymph circulation.
Galvanic can help replenish skin nourishing essences, lift and firm the facial skin, remove Gill with the effect of sculpture. What is more, the photon therapy can eliminate acne and decrease inflammation. You can enjoy the visible change after using it once.
Activate cells, promote blood circulation and lymph 3 m ultrasonic function, promote nutrition skin to absorb and remove excess water.
Powerfully cleans the skin and regulate oil secretion.

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