2017 Newest Pico Second Laser for Tattoo Removal Freckle Removal



2017 newest picosecond laser for tattoo removal freckle removal

What is PicoSeconde laser?
PicoSure – The first and leading choice for comfortable and convenient tattoo removal and skin revitalization treatments for wrinkles, acne scars and pigment like freckles, sunspots and discoloration.
PicoSecond is the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that don't rely solely on
heat to burn or melt away unwanted tattoo ink or melanin, the pigment that causes
dark spots in your skin.
Instead, PicoSecond engineers used cutting edge physics and medical science to help
practitioners treat patients in a new way. Instead of building up heat, PicoSecond
delivers energy so rapidly (in trillionths of a second)that tiny particles that make up
pigment and tattoo ink vibrate and shatter, without burning surrounding tissue.
Less heat means less tissue damage and discomfort.
Even more impressively, PicoSecond's revolutionary technology is designed to
harness the body's natural healing processes to restore youthful skin in ways never
before possible. Using proprietary Focus lens technology, PicoSecond effectively
converts the laser energy into gentle pressure waves that activate Cell Signaling,
the body's natural communication processes and one of the most exciting medical
discoveries in recent history.

Treatment Theropy:
Picosecond laser uses very short pulse output mode, instead of thermal effect, by the principle of light mechanical shock wave, pigment is "shattered" into finely granular via focused energy, are more likely to be absorbed by the body metabolism. Picosecond laser will be to minimize the side effects of thermal effect, can achieve the goal of almost solve all kinds of pigment spots, is better than traditional laser spot whitening effect.
Chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc
Acne scars
Skin whitening, fine lines removal
All color of tattoo remove
Pigment clear rate is higher
Pigment removal speed is faster
Refused to stimulate melanin active again risk    
Remove melanin colleagues and start repair mechanism
Don't damage the normal tissue

PicoSecond Aesthetic Workstation
  Wavelengths    532nm, 1064nm
  FDA Clearances    Tattoo removal, Benign Pigmented Lesion Removal, Wrinkles & Acne Scar Treatment
  Skin Types Treated    All skin types
(Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Type I – IV)
  Tattoo colors treated    All tattoo ink color

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