2018 Portable Professional Needle Free RF Micro-Crystal Meso Gun Korea


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2019 Portable professional needle free RF Micro-crystal meso gun Korea

Brief Introduction

RF Micro-crystal, it is the most advanced bio-nanotechnology achievement in beauty field, developed according to the human skin’s physiological

mechanism, it has excellent biological compatibility. Using nanometre micro-crystal, the skin surface opens millions of tiny hole within 5 minutes, so

the skin care and cleaning product can smoothly enter into the skin with high effective absorption. The opening hole by RF micro-crystal will

automatically close around 20 minutes. The whole process is painless and noninvasive. Skin care absorption can improve 10 times.

Painless and Noninvasive

RF micro-crystal SPE nanometre skin touching point is less than 80 nanometre, the height is around 120 um, the thickness is 200um plus the

epidermal layer. Therefore, RF micro-crystal can open tough cuticle but cannot touch the dermis and abundant subcutaneous nerves, so it

won’t have pain and trauma.

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