2019 New Induction Cooking Restaurant Food Steamer




2019 New Induction Cooking Restaurant Food SteamerSpecification:
1.Origin: China2.Style NO.: QX-QXL3.Power: 10KW4.Volts: 380V 50Hz  
5.Material: SS304
6.Size:L750*W1100*H1200mm                               7.Method Heating: induction cooker

1.Above 90% high heating efficiency,low noise,no pollution, easy operate and easy cleaning
2.Chassis enclosed design to effectively prevent insects, water, oil and erosion
3.Multiple protection measures, overheat protection design, anti-dry protection design
4.Using the German "Infineon" IGBT module, stable performance, longer using life time
5.Using the most advanced German "Infineon" digital signal processor
6.Automatically shut down when nobody is guarding in a long time
7.Half bridge circuit prevents magnetic interference of EMC module
8.Configuration of independent national patent magnetic sensor switch and the patent large size coil, to make the firepower strong and uniformity
9.3D radiation shielding design to prevent the magnetic leakage
10.Function touch control panel with digital display timer, LED intelligent display
11.OEM accept
12.Factory price
13.After-sales service

 Safe , Fast , Clean and Cost Effective 
Magnetic waves have no effect on skin or anything other than iron or steel. If the pan is accidentally removed from the cooktop, or the size of the object placed on the hob is too small….such as a wedding ring or a spoon, the auto-pan detection feature will shut off the unit instantly. 
SAFE – no flames, butane or burners! Eliminates the danger of gas leakage and hot burners. Safe for children while glasstop surface remain cool.
FAST – Induction provides immediate response and precise temperature control. No waiting time, heat is instantly generated by the pan itself.
CLEAN – Flameless cooking for fresh indoor air quality, Easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
COST EFFECTIVE – Save 25% to 60% on utility bill comparing to gas & electric type cooktop.
Induction cooktops come with advanced control features, such as stand by, non-operating mode, auto-stop function, automatic-scanning functions and small-objects detector. 
Pots and pans made of iron, enamel steel, certain stainless steels and types of glass cookware with metal bases are induction compatiable. Currently aluminum & copper alloy can be applied on these cookpans to improve heat distribution & efficiency.

The Energy Efficiency: 
The various cooktop types are not all equally effective at converting their energy content into cooking heat; for example, gas delivers significantly less than half its total energy to the actual cooking process(30-40% efficiency), while induction delivers about 85 to 90 percent of its energy (90%  efficiency). This is a saving of 40-70% in comparison to conventional cooktops..
  Cooking Type           Efficiency   
  Induction                       >90% 
  Electric Coil                    65% 
  Electric(w/ ceramic top)   47% 
  Gas                                 <40% 
There’s no heat transfer between the cooktop & the cookware. Thus minimal heat dispassion, & cut down air conditioning cost during summer.
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