20MHz RF Vacuum Slimming Beauty Equipment


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20mhz rf vacuum slimming beauty equipment      


1. Body & Face slimming, wrinkle removal

2. Skin lifting and tightening 

3. Quick and lasting effect, very safe, no Wound;


Working Theory
The high-frequency current generated by 20Mhz technology will form a deep and balanced electromagneticfield under the skin, which will act on the water molecules in the collagen, causing the bipolar watermolecules to vibration, rotation and friction generating heat in several million times per second speed selectively effecting on the deep of dermis, stimulating collagen fibers to shrink instantly, causing a series ofphysical and chemical effects after heating, enhancing metabolism, allowing fiber cells to produce newcollagen fibers, and restoring skin. the skin becomes full and smooth again.

Treatment heads

Head Big Medium Small
Size 25*25mm2 13*13mm2 10*10mm2
Area Fat double chin and big area  Double chin, small and sensitive area Face and Eye around


Basic Parameters
Display 7.4 inch color touch LCD scree
System RF Vacuum
Radio Rrequencies  20MHZ
Vacuum Suction  180v 
Cooling  Wind Cooling
Input power  AC 220V / 15A 50Hz
Treatment mode  4 modes
Handpiece  With 3 treatment tips

Operating interface display


  1. Body shaping, fat reduction
  2. skin tightening, skin lifting
  3. Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal
  4. cellulite reduction of localized fatty deposits in sensitive areas: chin neck inner thighs and under arm etc.
  5. cellulite reduction in large areas such as the thighs arms and abdomen etc.
    About Us:

Beijing Globalipl Development Co., Ltd is a high-tech company engaged in developing, research, production, sale and after-sale. With the customer-orientated business philosophy and the purpose of science and technology first, ensure high quality and cost-effective products for customers; Which makes us gains lots of customers all over the world. Globalipl company works hard at all times, is to became a famous international OEM/ODM manufacturer of all aesthetic & medical equipments in the world. 

We took part in world-renowned exhibitions each year, such as hold in Moscow, Japan, Italy, Germany, Dubai, Hong Kong etc


What can you get from CLOBALIPL?

  1. Professional OEM & ODM service. Machine appearance, hardware and software can be designed according to customer requirements.
  2. Complete training service. Globalipl provides operational videos, user manuals, recommended treatment parameters to enable customers to operate the machine safely and accurately.
  3. Free spare parts. Globalipl can replace spare parts free of charge for customers during the warranty.
  4. Machine lifetime maintenance. Guarantee: free repair product in 1 year and free maintain all life.
  5. Professional after-sales service. Globalipl has a professional 24-hour online after-sales team, which can solve any problems for you in a timely and effective manner.

What kind of supplier is it?

  1. Globalipl focus on high-tech beauty and medical machines for 16 years. The company’s technology is far ahead in China’s beauty industry.
  2. Factory implementing ISO13485 quality system to it’s production and operation. We only produces and sells good quality machines.
  3. Globalipl is a company that integrates production and sale. Machine has nice price and quality.
  4. It is a manufacturer that constantly updates and develops beauty machines.
  5. It is a trusted business partner responsible for the customer.


Contact US

Mobile phone:86-13439681376



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