3 in 1 Diamond Peeling Machine Microdermabrasion Beauty Machine


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3 in 1 Diamond Peeling Machine Microdermabrasion beauty machine


Net weight: 1.5kg

Weight: 2.5kg

Color: white

Size of product:24*15*16cm

Size of packaging color box:30*23*19cm


1,Flexible operation, simple assembly, easy to use

2,Different precision of dermabrasion head suitable for different parts

3,Durable,suitable for every skin type

4,It’s clean and diasostic


6,Safe: there is no microcrystalline particles flying everywhere like the traditional microdermabrasion during the operation. Avoid powder residue on the skin or accidentally inhaled by guests, the whole process is simple, clean, convenient. For customers and handlers, is more safer.


Put a special filter cotton in the operating head, in the process of operation, if the suction force becomes larger(the sound of motor becomes louder) it needs to replace the filter cotton. Because of different personal skin, the required number of filter cotton is also different, the filter cotton must be refilled every time.

Use the tubularis connect the socket and dermabrasion hand shank, and check is there any filter cotton.

Select the required accessories, divided the whole face into left and right, up and down regions to operate, body-specific accessories are available only for the body and not for the face Open the power switch, such as the motor without action, please check the power cord, fuse, or contact the dealer, do not disassemble the host

Adjust the knob to the appropriate pressure, the thinner the cortex, the smaller the suction, such as the bag under the eyes, should set to the minimum suction.

Each model of dermabrasion head can be directly washed with water, and then soaked with 75% alcohol disinfection.

(Attention: Do not operate on broken skin)

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