3se-Light (IPL &RF) + RF+Laser Hair Removal Beauty Equipment




                       3se-Light (IPL &RF) RF Laser Hair Removal Beauty Equipment

1. 3 handles Elight RF Laser IPL hair removal products: E-light IPL hair removal, freckle removal, vascular therapy

2. 3 handles Elight RF Laser IPL hair removal products: RF skin tightening, face lift, wrinkle removal

3. 3 handlesElight RF Laser IPL hair removal products: ND YAG laser tattoo removal, skin whitening

Hair Removal–3 Working system

1. Elight(IPL RF) for hair removal, freckle removal &skin care.

430—-1200, Vascular removal

480—-1200, Spider Vein removal Photodynamic Therapy

530—-1200, pigmented Lesions

590—-1200, Vascular & pigmented Lesion

640—-1200, hair removal, Collagen Stimulation

560—-1200, hair removal

690—-1200, hair removal in dark skin

755—-1200, thick and very hard, black hair removal

2. Bi-polar RF working system for weight loss, wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation

3. Laser system for tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation

A. 1320nm: Skin whitening and rejuvenation with medical carbon mask (much better treatment result than E-light or IPL)

B. 532nm: Remove colored tattoo

C. 1064nm: Remove spots, black, brown coffee tattoos.

Hair Removal–Features:

1 It is a new generation beauty equipment with advanced technology.

2 3 different working systems go with this equipment.

The 3 working systems:

A. E-ight (IPL&RF) hair removal, freckles removal, skin care

B. Bipolar RF for weight lose, cellulite reduction, wrinkles removal and skin care

C. 1320nm, 1064nm, 532nm ND: YAG laser for tattoo removal and skin care

3. One operation screen: 8.4” TFT True colorful touch screen

4. CPC connector of instant plug and play, very easy to install and operate

5. Modular Design of inner structure, which makes it work more stable.

6. Use this equipment, operator can treat nearly all kinds of skin problems.

Hair Removal–Training

Pls note that our equipments’ design is very human-centered and easy to operate. Besides, we will provide manual, video and professional training online, teach you step by step, answer and resolve you all the questions about our products. At last, training certification will be provided after training finish.

Hair Removal–After-sales service

1. We supply three year warranty for the main frame. For other parts or parts over warranty, we supply repairing service and maintenance too, but we would ask for some charges for the service and replacement parts.

2. We will not supply warranty if any following condition.

A. There is a malfunction caused by disassembly the machine without our permission.

B. There is a malfunction caused by not carefully use (fall down or shock the machine).

C. There is a malfunction caused by no maintenance.

D. There is a malfunction caused by incorrect operation.


Wavelength 430nm/480nm/530nm/580nm/590nm/640nm/690nm/755nm(optional)
Operating interface 8.4" True color touch screen
Frequency 1, 2, 3HZ
IPL energy 0-50J/cm2
RF energy 0-25J/cm2
Laser energy 300-1500mj
Output Power E-light: 2000W  RF: 900W Laser: 350W
RF treatment heads 20mm/28mm/35mm
Laser treatment head 1064nm, 532nm, specialized black moppet head(optional)
Cooling systems Semiconductor Wind cooling Water cooling
Input power: AC 220V(110V)/ 15A 50HZ(60HZ)
Light source: Intense pulse light
Pulse No.: 1–15
Pulse space time 1-99ms
Pulse width 0.1-99.9ms
Repeat frequency 1, 2, 3HZ
Light spot size: 12x30mm 2, 15x35mm 2, 15x50mm 2
Display screen: 8.4 real touch screen
Cooling system Semiconductor water cooling gel
Input power: AC 220V(110V)/ 15A 50HZ(60HZ)
Machine Size 43*56*126cm
Package Size 56*66*135cm 


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