4 Colors LED PDT Red & Blue Bio Light Therapy/ PDT Light Therapy Machine


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4 colors pdt machine led light therapy for beauty salon

Photodynamic Therapy(PDT) a skin treatment based on medical theory. It utilizes an LED light source in combination with a photosensitive cosmetic or medicine to treat various of skin problems such as acne, rosacea, redness, papules, bumps, pustule. Besides, the LED photodynamic therapy(PDT), as a new method of cosmetic technology, has been frequently used for skin care purpose. The photon energy has positive effects on skin cells. It accelerates the cell growth, improve collagen and elastin generation, promote the micro-blood-circulation and improve the overall skin condition

How to use it?


  1. Do not look at the light long when you are not wearing goggles
  2. To do head or chest care, please close your eyes and put on your goggles or a piece of cotton with water on your eyelids

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