4 in 1 Multi-Functional Hydra Dermabrasion Peeling RF Gesichts-Machine Beauty Equipment


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5 in 1 Hydra facial peeling Micro dermabrasion  skin care skin whitening Multifunction Beauty Equipment


Voltage 220v or 110v/50Hz-60Hz
Tech Vacuum suction
Vacuum water flow adjustable
Accessories 12pieces hydro tips
Handle 1pcs cooling hot handle,1pcs hydro handle,1 Ultrasonic,1 Microcurrent Shape handle
Feature Skin revializer, Skin rejuvenation , Pigmentation correctors, Deep cleaning.
Advantage Competitive Price, Excellent Service, Superior Quality
Package size 115*56*56CM(1 unit/box)

Machine information

Water dermabrasion:
—-According to water cycle and vacuum theory,dispose internal hydrone,quickly improve skin breathe,dredge lymph,remove cuticle dirt,cutin and different kinds of pigment.
—-Through precision control,adjust the product dosage,repair sculpture face,let skin all-weather keep water tender,delicate and smooth.Safe and health,comfortable,only one clean way,that can keep the skin water tender.

V Magic Stick

—-By using the micro-electrical technology directly penetrate the skin layer to skin the dermis the skin depth of about 1.2-3.6mm strongly impact dermaltissue stimulated between the cells,promote collagen orgainzation update.
—-To tighten the skin,facial upgrade,light tender skin,facial sculpture,facial sculpture,dispel false authenticity wrinkles,improve skin metabolish,systemic anti-aging,improve V face.
—-According to electroporation to make the macromolecule and micromolecule through skin barrier,nothing damage permeate into skin,achieveing to permeate the medicine into dermis,improve and permeate nutrition immediately.

Sound wave V plastic (ultrsonic)

—-The ultrasonic wave output can be make a good prefect penetrate ability.
—-Through producing the certain power intensity 1MHZ ultrasonic signal.
—-That can control the ultrasonic wave to continuous output,thus achieveing the prefect skin penetrate function.
—-At the same time,to stop the cell from providing energy.active cell,improve the metabolism ability,strength absorbed the nutrition.
—-Loose and remove oil,dirt and cellular debris from follicles for cleaner,healthier skin.
—-Pores diminish in size and bacyrtia levels are reduced.reduce rough pores,have whitening,make the balance of the skin tender,restore the skin tight and elastic,remove wrinkles,let skin all-weather keep water tender,delicate and smooth.
—-Improve the local blood and lymph circulation,strength the cell permeability, make the skin smooth and radiance,elasticity

Cooling& hot  (Water circulation refrigeration)

—-By means of the temperature alternating,fixed point and position to infiltrate into deep skin,nutrition supplements nutrition and moisture,make damaged skin have a cool feeling,red back,calm and relieve skin has a good effect.
—-Suffer stimulation can be used to soothe and soothe and calm skin,sooth antiphlogistic effect,also can strengthen the skin elasticity,make the rough skin more tender and smooth.

—-General penetration effective medicine cuticle

—-By using the air-conditioner theory,use the special chip ceramic,absorption ability,can achieve the refrigeration effect,chip can absorb energy that use the hot energy physical trap heat,achieve homoiothermy and refrigeration at the same time.

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