4in1 40K Cavitation Ultrasonic Vacuum Multipolar RF Slimming Beauty Equipment


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4in1 40k Cavitation Ultrasonic Vacuum Multipolar  Rf Slimming beauty equipment
What is the SMAS?
Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System  Abbreviation SAMS
A layer of connective tissue, which is widely covered in the deep dermis, which is connected with a thin layer of connective tissue, which extends to the facial bones. With the skin (epidermis, dermis), subcutaneous tissue (fat) is closely linked into one, the three layer structure to form a facial contour, supporting the skin, muscle and bone integrity
Polar sonic lift
Polar sonic lift Also called Evra, limit sonic lift, lift, lift, sonic sonic has many names in different places, Is a noninvasive, high safety treatment, can play in the skin, wrinkles, and other aspects of shaping good effect. 2008 in Europe and Asia, 2009 passed the United States FDA certification authority. The risk of breaking the surgical procedure and the special effect. Is currently the only global can through a treatment to achieve significant lifting, firming, achieve continued years of aging, the youth to return to the magical effect of non-invasive cosmetic techniques, known as the " No age artifact"
Focused ultrasound pull knife to its unique high-energy focusing ultrasonic direct SMAS layer, enhance the SAMs fascial sling, a comprehensive solution to the facial droop and relaxation problem, also can activate the subcutaneous collagen layer restructuring and regeneration, effectively improve large pores, wrinkles, elastic tissue changes etc. facial. Only 20 minutes at a time.
After treatment you can make-up, work, do not affect your normal life, according to clinical research,
SMAS lift ultrasonic knife rhytidectomy, more durable than the old technique effect
 Deep treatment, no trauma Technology
treatment depth is 1.5-4.5mm, in addition to the role of the fiber septum, but also can function to the deeper part of the
The important key to the treatment of the (SMAS) layer, which is the key to the treatment of the skin with a layer of the fascia (SMAS).
Every single device to energy point (TCP) in subcutaneous temperature can reach 68 degrees to 72 degrees, can effectively stimulate collagen contraction and proliferation and colleagues because the energy is across the epidermis, so there is absolutely no need to worry about injured skin.
Individual cases can be personalized for the treatment of Ulthera ultrasonic energy transmission, there are three depth (4.5mm/3.0mm/1.5mm) depth
Ultrasonic knife edge and efficacy
1.  First  Powerful mobile phone loose skin, firming effect;
2. Second  To fill the gaps and the passage of the collagen vacancies, enhance the relaxation profile;
3. Third Only one treatment, smooth wrinkles comprehensive improvement       Fourth  Effectively shrink pores, so that the skin texture is more delicate, shiny
4. Fifth  Get rid of dull and rough skin aging, skin to reproduce the young
Sixth  Let the skin become tender and bright white blooming youth;


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