5018 Infrared Ozone SPA Capsule for Sale




5018 infrared ozone spa capsule for sale

1.Far-infrared treatment ,to burn the fat deeply;
2.Tighten the skin
3.Excellent slimming by far-infrared,spectrum and music therapy
4.LCD and music therapy helps to relax
5.Color light enhance fat burning and improve metabolism,prevent fat massing and 6.rebounding,tighten the skin,eliminate toxin,and relax.
7.Twelve pairs of BIO electric pads for vibrate and break fattiness ,dredge lymph.

Technical parameters:

Working power:1200w
Working wavelegth: 560-120nm
Pulse width:20-149ms
Repetition Rate:1p/s

Product size:

Bracket body:225*106*65cm

Photon cover:119*63*145cm

Rump part:103*34*105cm

Packing size:

Bracket body:244*130*78cm

Photon cover:137*155*82cm

Rump part:122*55*110cm

Net Weight:340kgs

Gross Weight:402kgs

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