8 Pieces Tricrystal Chips LED PDT Machine (THR-7000C2)


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8 pieces tricrystal chips LED PDT machine device KN-7000C2

(1) Product introduction

Photodynamic adopts highly purified and high intensity red, blue and yellow light to expose the skin, which can change the structure of the cell, kill bacteria, and make better environment for new born cells, increase Collagen, promote the growth of cells, in the mean time, it can recover the aging skin caused by acne, remit burned skin, whiten the skin and make it more stress.

(2) Application

1 Inflammatory acne;

2 Eliminate inflammation;

3 Prompt wound healing;

4 Rejuvenation,increase the elasticity of the skin

(3) Features

1. Streamlined design, fashionable, delicate and portable.

2. 8 pieces tricrystal chips LED, with higher intensity light output.

3. Various light sources available, which can meet different requirements.

4. With COUNTDOWN work mode, easy to operate.

5. External replaceable lithium-ion battery, work time up to 120mins.

6.Standard MiniUSB can be connected to power adapter or computer for charge.

7.OLED display , low power consumption, large viewing angle.

(4) Parameters

Battery specification

18650 3.7V/2250mAh

Input power


Work enviroment



Atmospheric pressure


Radiation area



Red 633nm±10nm



Work distance


Time count down work modes

(5) Applications



Treatment time


For Wrinkles

Red light

Treatment time:120~130seconds per day,

acceleration of healing by up to several weeks or several months.

Fully absorbed by fiber cells topromote cell growth;

stimulate cells to produce collagen. Thickening and restructuring the dermis

structure, smooth and increase the elasticity of the skin

For skin whitening

Yellow light

Treatment time:5 minutes per day, acceleration of healing by up

to several weeks or several months.

Completely absorbed by fiber cells topromote cell growth,

decompose skin melanoma,speed up and restructurethe dermis structure,

increase skin whitening and gloss.

For acne-prone skin

Blue light

Treatment time:5 minutes per day, have a better effect using with

drug together. Frequently use 2~ 3 times/week after improvement.

Activate the production of the protoporphyrin within acne,

leads to single oxygen release, kill propioinibacterium within acne,

rapidly remove pustule, improve the skin surface..

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