808nm Diode Laser Permanent Hair Removal Portable Machine


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Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal With Cooling System Salon Equipment

Treatment theory 

Virtually Painless Laser Hair Removal

HONKON-808CUTE, with SHR technology, is a revolutionary diode laser system for hair removal. It is virtually painlesslaser hair removal.

HONKON-88CUTE uses an 808 nm diode laser. HONKON diode laser is the world’s best-selling laser hair removal technology, Combined with SHR technology, HONKON-808CUTE offers one of the safest and most effective laser hair removal solutions available, and is the only clinically proven method that is virtually painless.

• Virtually painless – The only clinically proven hair removal method that is virtually painless.

• Proven safety – for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin.

• Comfortable – gradual heating and contact cooling prevents pain for morecomfortable treatments.

• Full coverage – In-Motion eliminates skipped spots for full coverage and dramatically improved treatment results.

• No downtime and no side effects


Hair Removal, Skin Tightening


Compact Applicator

An ergonomic lightweight design makes treatments more comfortable for practitioners and more enjoyable for patients.

Speed Applicator

Perform more treatment sessions in less time with a large spot applicator, allowing you to quickly treat larger areas while offering your patients the fastest and most effective hair removal possible.


product name 808cute
laser type 808nm diode laser
laser power 1200W
pulse width 5-300ms
frequency 1-10Hz
spot size 12mm*23mm
energy ≤220J
gross weight 50kg



HONKON’s Super Hair Removal (SHR) method works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. Rather than exposing the hair follicle to a single high energy pulse, a high repetition rate of short 10Hz pulses are delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, damaging hair follicles with little to no pain felt by the patient.

In-Motion Technology

HONKON’s In Motion technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort and procedure speed, with repeatable clinical results. The sweeping In-motion technique involves moving the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area, applying energy over a large grid- not just the area of the hair follicle. The energy is delivered safely and uniformly, ensuring patient comfort while the elimination of skipped spots ensures full coverage- significantly improving results.

Contact Cooling

In addition to the comfort achieved with In-Motion, 808CUTE’s contact cooling provides further comfort, virtually eliminating the need for cold gels or analgesics. The Sapphire tip cools the skin during treatment, preventing superficial burns while maintaining heat within the dermis where hair follicles are treated.

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