A0130 Seyo Tda Mesotherapy Injection Gun Price in Germany


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A0130 Seyo Tda Mesotherapy Injection Gun Price in Germany


needleless transdermal technology

The use of high-end equipment to water molecules rich in hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, minerals, skin trace elements and nutrients, therapeutic drugs using nano-micro-hyaluronic acid, combined with unique needleless transdermal technology Skin cell nutrition to 450 m / s (the world’s fastest) to spray, the release of nutrition layer by layer, with water, enhance, whitening, improve wrinkles and damaged skin and other multiple effects. After use, full face full of tight, supple feeling. So you have a bright and smooth skin like the stars, to solve the problem of lack of moisture in the dermis layer, to improve the small wrinkles, bring significant results.

Treatment process is not directly in contact with the skin, targeted spray, the water molecules rich in hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, minerals, skin trace elements and nutrients required to the world’s fastest supersonic speed (450 Rice per second) and ultrasonic frequency combination technology, resulting in pure oxygen permeation to the dermis layer, micro-unit to transport the active ingredient, to promote the active molecules fast and uniform, covering the entire skin, play an effective and sustained anti-aging effect.
The speed of spraying small molecules is 450 m / s , through this speed can make sterile organic small molecule essence (the world’s smallest molecular weight, a spoonful of liquid can cover the area of two football fields) balance into the skin each Level, increase the way to give nutrition to the body, you can really add enough oxygen to the skin, improve the skin to arouse the beauty of the skin beauty.


1,Anti wrinkle



4,Skin rejuvenation



Tailor-made for each skin condition. Face, neck, bracelet or hands, can also be treated with a special problem of scar area. In these skin areas, the strength may also vary, for example in the care-intensive area of the eye portion. The application is tailored to the physical properties of the various active ingredients of cocktails to ensure that all substances enter the skin exactly as it is, so that it has a sufficient effect.


Techonology High pressure injetion
Treatment depth 0.2-5mm
working mode instant & continous
Intensity 0 ~ 100 Level (10 Step)
Pressure 5-10kg/cm2
Dose 6UL to 24UL
Treatment Duration 50ms-950ms
Electrical Power 100-240VA.50/60Hz
220VA under

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