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Advanced Wrinkle Removal CO2 Extractor Beauty Salon RF Equipment

Treatment Theory


The Er bium glass fractional laser adopts fiber lase with 1550nm wavelength and installs a CPG which is arranged in a matrix scanning output,emitting a 50-um-80um spot through a high focusing lens.The traget tissue is water in the dermis,forming matrix-like holes(0.12mm) around and focal spot pentration directly .The penetration depth of these small spots is about 2mm.At this point the normal tissues surrounding tiny holes generate heat bridges which starts the wound rehabilitation reaction and thermal effects between scarfskin and dermal tissues ,then experiencing inflammation phase ,proliferation phase,remodeling phase. Cosmetic lotion canbe applied into the wound for rehabilition one hour after the irritation.


Thermal effect

1.Definition:Tissue thermal effect occurs when the tissue temperature reaches 60 -65ºCduring enough time.

2.Principle: (Structural change)

   Three-screws structure be changed to arbitrary crimped structure

3. Function:Thermal effect can cause immediate changes in the skin, including pore contraction, skin tight lifting etc.

Various thermal effects solves the problem of collagen structure changes when aging.


Thermal coagulation

1.Definition:Thermal coagulation&thermal damage&thermal necrosis occurs when the tissue temperature reaches 75ºCduring enough time.

2.Principle: Collagen regeneration with fatal irreversible collagen death, accompanied by thermal effects

3.Function:Thermal coagulation can initiate skin wound healing mechanism, a small amount of thermal coagulation can stimulate collagen regeneration.

Moderate thermal coagulation solves the problem of collagen, blood vessel and epithelial process in aging.(Fractional laser can do the same)


Thermal exfoliation

1.Definition:Tissue thermal exfoliation occurs when the tissue temperature reaches 300ºC during enough time.

2.Principle: Tissue combustion pyrolysis, molecular vaporization, being accompanied by thermal damage and thermal effects.

3.Function:Thermal exfoliation initiates the wound healing mechanism of the skin to achieve the regeneration of the dermal epidermis.

(Thermal stripping only fractional laser can do it, it is a laser in the skin playing minimally invasive process, we are pursuing is the deeper the hole the better the better the effect of the dermis.1550 fractional laser relative to CO2 is more in line with our requirements)

Moderate thermal coagulation solves the problem of collagen, blood vessel and epithelial process in aging.(Fractional laser can do the same)


Precautions Before Treatment

Pregnant women are not recommended

Injection people are not recommended

Scared body people are not recommended

High blood pressure people are not recommended

Precautions after Treatment

No touching within one hour

Stay away from hot water in 7days

Replenishment and Sunscreen

NO scratching


1- Its non ablative, so no post treatment infection.

2- Our this model is well developed so there will be no hyper pigmentation.

3- Germany original lamp, up to 200,000 shots;

4- 2 modern fractional treatment tips: 10*10 Pixel for deep skin tissue, 18*18 Pixel for superficial area;

5- Energy: 30-70mJ for 10*10Pixel, 5-25MJ for 18*18Pixel;

6- Cooling system: Air and water and cooling system ;

7- Advanced ARM11 control module. Self-developed software with factory setting program;

8- Operate Interface: Luxury 8" true color touch screen with 16 languages selectable.


Why do not bleed when using the Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm) during the treatment?

The Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm) the focal spot is thin as hair, the diameter just only 50-80um and just created 50-120um micro pore in skin. And there is a small area of hot solidification around the micro pore.The temperature in this area is greater than 65 ºC,This temperature can coagulate the blood so it does not produce bleeding.


Are there have some difference The Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm) and Micro needle?

Micro needle is used to create micro pores on the skin,The tissue structure that directly destroys the skin has an inflammatory repair response.The diameter of the micro pore is large and there is no thermal effect of heat coagulation and thermal effect so it does not produce the contraction and regeneration of collagen.


Which wrinkle is suitable of face using The Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm)?

The Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm) is more suitable for light and moderate wrinkles, especially surgical and soft tissue fillers with small wrinkles.


Why is The Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm) penetration depth is 2mm instead of deeper?

A:Because UV-light irradiation can cause 2mm depth of elastic fiber degeneration,so the Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm) will control the depth of 2mm to change the skin problem caused by light aging.


Is it good effective at that time or after,when finished the Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm)?

A:The effect was obvious at that time,the main reason is that the heat effect causes the collagen to contract,there will be a new birth of collagen in the future.So you will find skin will be better and better in later, the texture will be more and more subtle, and the wrinkles will become more and more shallow.


What happens when the normal person has completed a course of the Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm)?

A:The Face-line will be more clearly sculpted,the face will be more compact,the skin will be more Smooth and subtle and glossy and elastic,small wrinkles will disappear,deep wrinkles will be  significantly shorter and lighter.


When finished the skin will become sensitive?

A:The Erbium Glass Fractional Laser (1550nm) through the skin by a disordered scan,because the focal spot is only 50-80um so the damage to the skin is very small,the collagen fiber will be reborn after the treatment,make the dermis be thickness,so It just make the skin become better not make it thinner.


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