Beauty Equipment RF Skin Tightening Velashape 3 Slimming Body Shaper Women From Beijing Sincoheren




Beauty equipment rf skin tightening Velashape 3
slimming body shaper women from Beijing Sincoheren

1.Reduce the body circumference,removal of local cellulite; 
2.Reduce abdomen and thigh circumference; 
3.Improve local blood circulation temporarily;
4.Relief mild muscle pain and muscle camp; 
5.Body shaping and slimming;
6.Improve cellulite;
7.Skin rejuvenation, accelerate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers.


 RF Energy ≤ 50w
Infrared Light Energy ≤20w
Spectrum range 700 – 2500 nm
Vacuum 0-0.07MPa 0-50Hg
Spot size Body—55mm x 55 mm Arm—-30mm x 20 mm
Mode Shape and Smooth
Body Treatment Hand Piece Size 80x40mm
Arm Treatment Hand Piece Size 20x20mm
Dimension 39x45x115cm
Net weight 40KG
Power Supply Requirement 230VAC, 50–60HZ

Sales Manager
Coco Niu
Beijing Sincoheren Science and Technology Development
Address:A-4 ,Xizhimen north str.43, Beijing, China

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