Beauty Product Portable Oxygen Jet Peel Oxygen Facial Machine


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Beauty product portable oxygen jet peel oxygen facial machine

Oxygen Jet Machine Descriptionn
Portable oxygen jet peel machine applies the air compression theory. It can spray oxygen, inject oxygen with one machine. therefore, it solves the difficult of anoxia.
it allows the penetration till the dermis of the active ingredients available in our pure collagen and elastin extracts. In this way you will be able to oxygenate, tone, hydrate and regenerate the skin of your clients. And the treatment is pleasant, non invasive, easy to perform and it does not have any skin type and sun exposure limitations

Oxygen Jet Machine Theory:
1. Oxygen spray treatment:
use the oxygen, together with the active concentrated essence, to do the pure oxygen massage on the skin in order to treat all kinds of prurituses, sensitive skin, neurotic dermatits, contact dermatitis, eczema, whelk, the sunlight symptom, etc.

2. Oxygen injection treatment:
inject the pure oxygen and the special prescribed beauty product into the bottom of the epidermis via the no needle pressure oxygen injection. it can treat and improve the problems that caused by the oxygen shortage, such as dark and light skin, wrinkles, looseness, pigmentattion and the conventional skin problems. 


1).Skin rejuvenation:remove facial blemish, tighten large hair pores and improve the flexibility and tone of skin
2). Deep cleaning:clear skin stratum corneum, minimally invasive scar and blackhead
3). Water supply: supply sufficient water molecules to skin

1.High suction and high pressure,powerful cleaning machine
2.Small size,and you could take it anywhere and do your own business
3.Imported German cleaning system
4.Powerful factory, giving the competitive price and best technology support.
5.Specialized in production of beauty machines for 10-years, strong R&D.
6.ISO Quality control and Precisely test system, ensure the best product quality.
7.CE Certification, the key for you to legally use and sell the machine
8.We provide OEM and ODM services.


Our oxygen jet peel machine suppliers offer you high quality oxygen facial machines with good service for your beauty clinic, do not hesitate to send inquiry to our manufacturers.


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