Bio Light for Weight Loss with 8 Color LED Far Infrared Light Therapy SPA Capsule




BIO Light For Weight Loss With 8 Color Led Far Infrared Light Therapy Spa Capsule

This far infrared capsule for spa is for body slimming and lymphatic draining. The infrared therapy can help body drain out water, as well as waste of human body, to get the purpose of body slimming and healthy by removing poisonous or harmful substances from your body.

Functions and effect
1. Infrared Therapy
Infrared lights can act on the subcutaneous adipose, improve the combination of lipid and oxygen (burning excess fat and exporting liquefied lipid through sweat glands, 20-30 min radiation and pulse synchronization physiotherapy equals to consumption of 600 calorie, amounting to running for 10,000 meters. Temperature in Capsule can reach to 90°, which can accelerate lymph circulation, eliminate toxin and dropsy).proved by medicine, it has good effects in curing Arthritis and Rheumatism, etc.
2. Chromotherapy
It uses specific light sources which can emanate colorful light to improve the metabolism and improve skin condition.
3. Negative Ions facial wind
It uses anion to improve the metabolism and improve skin flexibility and activate nerve and muscle tissue. Normally people who are in a sauna after an extended amount of time feel uncomfortable because the air is too hot to breath. This unit only covers the body and the head is exposed and the built in fan provides an ionic cool refreshing breeze. Cool breeze is directly blown to your face to reduce its temperature, keeping your head in a cool and fresh environment at any time.
4. Ozone sterilization
The full automatic ozone sterilization guarantees the uses safety and sanitation. Recommended use after every treatment.
5. Musicotherapy

• needs only standard electric service
• no plumbing required
• easy to set-up, use and operate
• easy to install
• self controlled for personal preferences
• no oils

Various kinds of molecules will expand continuously and when they are shone by the infrared, they will resonate and vibrate to produce the origin of friction heat. What’s more, the wavelength of the far infrared has a high penetrating ability. Common heat stimulation can only reach 0.5 cm down the surface of the skin, while using the far infrared, it can reach over 10cm down the surface so that human body will feel warm deep in the heart.

1. Don’t swash the spa capsule hull with water; it may inflow into the electrical part and cause short circuit and damage. We could clean it with wet towel softly.
2. We could use disinfectant fluid and clean water for the capsule’s inner part cleaning.
3. Clean the steam engine each 3-6 months with acetic acid or citric acid in low content.
4. Turn off the power if you don’t use for a long time.
5. Start the ozone sterilization function when there is nobody in the cabinet.

Technical Specification:

Electric Specification

AC220V or AC110V, 14A or 28A

Max. Power < 3000W

Electric Consumption

2.1 KWH


230 x 100 x 110 cm (After packing)

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