Biopolar RF Operational Face Lifting Whitening Skin Tightening Winkle Removing Beauty Equipment


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Biopolar RF operational face lifting whitening skin tightening winkle removing beauty equipment

1.Technical data:

Voltage 100-240V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Output frequency 1MHz
Package size 25.5×25.5x10cm
Net weight 1.5kg

2. Three main effect:
1. Electroporation
2. Mesoporation
3. Electronic muscle stimulation.

3. Other effect:
1. Whitening tender skin
2. Pox-eliminated and anti-wrinkle
3. promote metabolism
4. Skin tightening
5. Repair the damaged skin

4. Simple operation
Key smooth
flowing lines
clear and concise selection buttons
user- friendly

5. Feature
Mainly for loose skin and wrinkles the skin, the use of heat conduction technology, may issue up to 100 million times per second shock waves, so that the collagen tissue to heat the dermis, resulting in immediate contraction, tighten loose skin, to mention long-time nature of the skin pull and firming effect.

6. Mesoporation
Mesoportion is mesotherapy and electroporation combined word, invisible mesotherapy penetration is 10 times the ion permeability, maximum performance, experience the skin effect.



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