Cavitation Slimming Machine with RF/PDT Vacuum Rotation Handle

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Cavitation slimming machine with RF/PDT vacuum rotation handle

M9+3S is the latest slimming machine SK EILY manufacture in 2017. It combined Cavitation + RF + Vacuum + Fat Rotating. It use the high speed sound wave broken the cellulite and the RF heart it and then the fat rotating probe will help to strip out the broken fat cell from the cellulite. The stripped out fat cell will also metabolish by the body to achieve body shaping and weight loss effect.


1.Safety: No inner part hurt and cold injury dagerous, no hurt to body, can operate every month.

2.Effective:It have remarkable effect for body shaping at sight, about 3-8cm reduce at once. It can strip out the fat cells from the cellulite and the stripped out fat cells are much more easily metabolized by human body, quick weight loss after treatment.

3.Easy Operate:Intelligent control system, make operation more easy.

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