Cold and Hot Stermer Ion Facial Steamer




cold and hot stermer Ion Facial Steamer 

The facial steamer isdesigned for beauty salon or personal care use at home. Its sprayer has the function of generating O3(Ozone), so as to speed up skin nutrition absorption. Also O3 can sterilize and whiten your skin, improve blood circulation and metabolism.

This product is easy and convenient to use. Please remember to follow the warnings and instruction below.



A.Cold water tank is separated from hot water tank.

B. Cold spray channel is separated from hot spray channel.

D. Stainless steel pipe is used.

E. Safety function: The home use hair steamer is with good safety function. When the water level is too high or too low, it will automatically stop working. After adding or reducing water, you should restart the unit for reworking. You won’t worry about too much hot water spit out causing injury or too little water which damages the unit.

F. Sufficient cold spray. Cold and hot spray can form warm spray when used simultaneously.

G. Nice, elegant and easy to operate.


* Cool & hot facial steamer        

* creating lons and OZONE vapour    

* skin sterilizing and whitening    

* water level security function    

* rotatable spray head            

* adjustable spray density


The facial steamer is designed for beauty salon or personal care use at home.its sprayer has the function of generating as to speed up skin nutrition absorption.Also ozone can sterilizer and whitem your skin.improve blood circulation and metabolism.

this product is easy and convenient to use.please remember to follow the warning and instruction below.


2.Warnings and safety

1)Remove plug from wall socket when item is not in use.Always grasp the plug while unplugging and never unplug by pulling the cord.Misuse may lead to fire,damage of plug and personal injury.

2)Do not cut,damage,or modify the cord.Do not pull or twist the cord with unnecessary force.Do not wind the cord around the product.

3)Discountinue use immediately if the cord or plug is damaged or becomes hot.It may cause fire,electric shock,short circuit,and/or burns.

4)Keep the unit away from flammable materials such as benzene.

5)Paint thinner,sprays,etc,It may cause an explosion or fire.

6)Do not use the product while your hands are wet,it may such as bathtubs,washbasins,or other vessels,and aareas with high humidity.It may cause electric shock and/or fire as a result of a deteriorating insulation.







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