Combined Large Power Red Blue Yellow Light Therapy

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There are many ways to deal with acne, including oral drugs, external rubbing drugs and so on.But there is also a very special way is to use light to eliminate acne.In cosmetic dermatology, red, Red-Blue-Yellow light belong to light therapy and are used to treat a variety of skin cosmetic problems.
1. Red Light
The wave length is about 630nm, the penetration depth is about 0.55mm, and it can enter the red light source of the skin dermis.It is mainly used to treat deeper acne inflammatory papules, improve skin pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and whitening.Red light is anti-inflammatory by inhibiting cyclooxygenase.

2. Blue Light
The wave length is about 465nm and the penetration depth is about 0.25mm, belonging to the blue light source.It is mainly used to treat mild to moderate acne and improve the skin’s greasy condition.But for deeper cysts and nodules, red light is better.Blue light can sterilize and purify the skin.

3. Yellow Light
The yellow light source with a wave length of about 590nm is mainly to promote blood circulation and detoxification.It can dilute the stain, improve skin immune function.

Red-Blue-Yellow Light Irradiation precautions
1 Use eye shields, shields, and other protective tools to protect the patient’s skin.
2 After exposure to the skin, it will become dehydrated and look dull, thus enhancing moisturization.
3 After treatment, pay attention to sun protection and avoid sun exposure under sunlight.
4 Do not use irritating cleanser when you wash your face.
5 In the short term after treatment, use less makeup or no make-up to avoid skin irritation.

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