Crazy Price Oxygen SPA Capsule Slimming Machine for Beauty Salon Use


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Crazy Price Oxygen Spa Capsule Slimming Machine For Beauty Salon Use

Technical parameters

Maximum current 7A
Maximum power 1500W
Average power consumption 800W/h(20’C environment)
Width 86cm
Height 95cm
Extension height 169cm
Product size 224*84*104cm
Packing size 234*97*112cm


1. Negative ion breeze.
2. Far infrared dry-steaming.
3. Ozone disinfection.
4. Body spectrum treatment.
5. Digital control.
6. Musical therapy (optional)
7.Three-color light therapy

Suggested courses:
Overall whitening, Cream massage, ease heating therapy, weight-losing, and fat-melting

Suitable groups:
People of all ages except heart sufferers and diabetes sufferers

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