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Product DescriptionDiamond Dermabrasion

Diamond Dermabrasion makes use of a patented diamond dermabrasion tube, combined with inlaid diamond particles of different thickness of the diamond carved heads, and rub back and forth by the way, and with instruments to control the intensity of suction, the skin worn a shallow layer is a non-invasive, shallow dermabrasion physical nature.

This kind of purely physical, mechanical principles, compared to acid peels and chemicals removed from the way horny, do not irritate the skin with a mild advantage. It is suitable for very sensitive skin. By the suction size and thickness of the miniature diamond dermabrasion to control shades. Its less of irritating and after the operation would not have bothered to take care of the wound. It is not easy to have a pigmentation or redness of skin problems, and do not have a crystal particles when operating scattered residual problem, the whole process is very clean and safe.

Diamond Dermabrasion’s functions:
Diamond dermabrasion role in the dermis, making skin activation, repair and regeneration
Microcirculation (Nutrition, waste exchange places)
Promote metabolism
Improve the oxygen supply of nutrients
The aging of the material after the rapid removal of metabolic export.

Lymphatic circulation (passivedrainage system
The circulation smooth
Remove excess moisture and old waste
Increased nutrient supply function

Subsidiary glands (sebaceous grands, hair follicles)
Make clear three blocked ductal flow
Normal secretion of sebum nourish the skin


Model MD17
Power supply AC 100V~240V
DC 12V 2A
Power 15W
Vacuum 30~50cmHg

Adjust the Vacuum intensity by Vacuum Regulator according to the following reference table, the intensity displays on Vacuum gauge and check with the client for comfort.Recommended Vacuum intensity on treatment area

Treatment Area Normal Skin (inHg) Sensitive Skin(inHg)
Face 12~22 8~12
Forehead 12~22 10~12
Chest 15~20 15~18
Nose 10~15 10~14
Neck 15~18 10~15
Near Eye Ares 8~12 8~10

Treatment Schedule Table

Treatment Frequency (Days) Total Visits
Face Peeling 6~10 3~5
Fine Lines 7~13 6~8
Neck 12~14 3~5
Acne Scars 7~12 8~10
Hyperpigmentation 7~12 8~10

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