E-Light (IPL&RF) Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment


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Portable 2 handles IPL RF Hair Removal beauty machine


OW-C1  Portable IPL Hair Removal
Specifications Power source 1600W
Light source Intense pulse light
Handle IPL
Spot size 12*30mm2/15*35mm2/15*50mm2
Fixed wavelength 480nm/530nm/640nm
Optional filters 430nm/560nm/590nm/690nm/755nm
Operating screen 8.4 inches real color touch screen
Operating language 12 kinds
IPL energy 01-50J/cm2
Pulse duration 01-99ms
Pulse delay 0.1-99.9ms
Pulse interval 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s
Pulse number 15
Cooling system Semiconductor wind water cooling gel
Input power AC 220V (110V)/ 15A 50HZ (60HZ)

Operate mode

1. Expert mode: designed for professional beauticians, can change parameters freely. All parameters could be save automatically.
2. Simple mode:designed for new learners. Operators just need to choose hair type, skin type, etc, then parameters except IPL & RF energy will be set automatically.

Treatment TheoryE light (ipl & rf)1. E light (ipl &rf) is short name of Elos (Electro-optical Synergy) light, it is a technology combining.
2. Light energy and radio frequency energy.
3. FDA, CE and CSA approved technology.
4. New generation technology, avoid side effect.
5. Pain and other unhappy feelings.
6. Better result to remove grey, blond hair.
 RF1. Radio frequency thermo-therapy
2. RF-system is a high-quality well-being product, which can be used widely such as elevating the natural recovery and resistance by generating the diathermy energy with bio-energy in body converted from the safest electric energy.
3. Radio frequency system (RF frequency) balances hormones by converting electric energy into bioelectricity which causes inner body heat by molecular ion exchange. Inner body heat expands blood vessels, creating better circulation through the lymph vessels, and active cells.
4. When the high frequency electric energy transmits, the molecules of the tissue generate the bio-energy by rotation, twisting and collision while moving according to the direction of the electric current.
5. Compared to other frequency currents that don’t stimulate sensory nerve, the high frequency current heats particular parts within body without feeling unpleasant or muscle contraction.


1. Permanent hair removal
2. All kinds of spots removal, freckle removal
3. Skin lifting, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation
4. Skin whitening, wrinkle removal 
5. Facial curves, shrink large pores
6. Body curves, wrinkle removal, body shaping
7. Acne treatment, spider vein treatment

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