Factory Selling New Style Shr Opt Aft IPL+Elight+ RF +Laser Shr Hair Removal Beauty Equipment


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factory selling New Style SHR OPT AFT IPL Elight RF Laser Shr Hair Removal Beauty Equipment

first pulse width: (1-10MS).1.1MS stepping Pulse number : 1-10 Frequency: 1-4S
Language: Six Packing size : 64*55*124CM
Laser wave length: 1064NM/532NM Power: 2500W
Link: quick plug interface Light spot size : 15*50MM
First pulse interval: 1-100ms Operating frequency : 1-6HZ
Weight: 60kg Power mode : 110V/220/V, 50HZ/60HZ
Energy: 1000MJ Cooling system : water cooling air cooling steel radiator
Spectrum: intelligent Single pulse energy:≤1000MJ-106MJ-532MJ
Laser wavelength IPL
Output mode Pulse emission
spot size 14* 14mm
Pulse width 20-1000ms
Frequency 1-10Hz
Power 1 800W

Our advantage:
1.808nm diode laser hair removal system uses the most advanced technology that penetrates , More assured the mechanism performance, clinical results, safety.
2.High energy:no pigmentation, excellent treatment result can be expected at the first treatment and suitable to all types of hair
3.Long laser width: Effective for the hair follicles produce heat accumulation, Permanent hair removal.
4.Safety:Almost no skin scattering, no harm to the skin and sweat glands, no scar, no any side-effect
5.Strong Sapphire touch cooling system can make momentary epidermal anesthesia,no anypainless, increases comfort during treatment.
6.Quick:Squared big spot size could prompt the treatment speed, treatment speed and efficiency. Reduce treatment time for original 1/5
7.The power module design is suitable for import and export business.It is convenient to maintenance
8.Best thermostatic water cycle system guarantee semiconductor pump can’t burn cavities due to overheating.
9.Self-checking and auto-protection mechanism to ensure the stability.


Q: What is the lead time?

A: Sample needs 1-3 days, mass production needs 5-10 days.

Q:What’s package?

A:Reply:strong and beautiful aluminum alloy case/carton case/wooden case.

Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control ?

A:We have a strictly quality inspection department. Our engineers will carefully check and test the machines many times before we deliver them to you.

Q:Do you offer OEM and ODM services?

A:Yes, we can offer you better OEM and ODM services.

Q: How many kinds of specification of adapter?

A:It is customized according to your country and your requirement.

Q:What is the warranty of our beauty equipment?

A:12-36 months warranty.

Q:What is the cheapest shipping way?

A:For small order,express is better,for bulk order, shipping by sea is cheap, but take longer time.If urgent orders, we suggest to ship by air.

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