Far Infrared Sauna Dome Capsule Sunbath Body Detox Weight Loss


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Far Infrared Sauna Dome LED Light Ovary Health Care Machine

Infrared bath & Sunbath Detox, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, Whitening

This is a multifunction luxurious health care and entertainment equipment,combined advantages of sunbathing with infrared bath.It is based on the unique physiotherapy of high-density far infrared light wave generated through high-tech means.As we know,infrared rays have high thermal power and effects,and its light wave can resonate with human cells,functioning as follows:

A.Accelerate the blood circulation,improve the metabolism and blood capillary circulation,enhance immunity from diseases.
B.Its permeable effect goes deep into the skin,making it cleansed and remolded.
C.Remove all kinds of toxic heavy metals,relieve fatigue,remarkable curative effects on rheumatism,arthritis,neurasthenia,obesity and chronic intestinal and stomach trouble.

The physiological effect of far infrared:
1.Improve the physiological oxidation and reduction,remove the redundant and keep fit.
2.Save your energy,not like the exercise does.
3.Heat preservation effect can maintain your body in a balanced nutrition.
4.Speed up perspiration and fat metabolism(your body should have enough water supply) as well as the removement of poison,heavy metal,waste, etc.
5.Stimulate physiological function,intensify the hormone and enzyme.
6.Build up your health,release fatigue.
7.Phy biotherapy with muscular and nerval ailments,relieve liver tension and pain.Prevent the spread of tumors.
8.Release pain and diminish inflammation.
9.Regenerative function.

Voltage: 220V /110V
Electric current: 4.5A
Product size:98X80X60CM
Packing size:108X90X70CM
Feature: Detox, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, Whitening
Function: Skin health,shape figure
Material: Acrylic
Color: White
Electric current: 3.8A
Certificate: CE

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