Fractional RF Micro Needle No Needle Injection Mesotherapy Gun Face Lift


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RF Fractional Micro Needle No Needle Injection Mesogun Mesotherapy Gun

Principle :
Micropower employs the radio frequency technology. The RF power output selects the insulating silicone material. The hollow microcrystal of micropower microcrystal is absolutely. insulating, with the RF energy distributed to the entire silicone crystal.Combining the synchronous conduction of the hollow microcrystal, it can inject enough nutrition to the skin. The RF temperature can be controlled and regulated randomly from 40ºC-60ºC, thus heating the skin in a more precise way, so as to prommote shrinking and tightening. the subcutaneous collagen. It is called as RF targeted thermocagulation in the Medical industry. Its biggest characteristic is to heat up the corium layer and maintain the mormal temperature of the epidermal layer.At this monmen, two kinds of reactions will happer: the first is the thickening of the corium layer, so as to shoal or eliminate the wrinkles; the second is the remolding of the subcutaneous collagen and generating of new collagen, so as to tigheten the skin after the treatment.

Micropower RF gun has below advantage :

1. Focus RF technology imported from Korea
2. 3 different microcrystal treatment needles offer 3 different experience
3.One treatment equals 8000 times skin care
4.Portable and smart design, easy to carry to anywhere.
5.Constant power-supply support working continuously

1.Facial lift:skin rejuvenation, fat removal;
2.Eyes beauty:eyes pouch removal, wrinkle around eyes removal;
3.Stimulate the formation of blood vessels, letahter, blood circulation to helpo take sugar and fat,protein metabolism wastes;
4.Whitening and anti-wrinkles;
5.Take away the molecular structure of cells; skin completely open power operation in the skin surface infiltration head with a method of grain is slightly along the skin and smooth movement of extrusion;
6.Clean the skin,daub hydrating moist products;
7.Cool frozen,effect on skin,lock misture and nutrients.;

Technical Parameters

Operating principle vacuum microcrystalline, TDA technology, nanocrystalline technology
Operation method smart touch screen operation
Injection depth 3.0mm
Operating site eye, face, body
Operation interface English system
Operating mode Automatic (adjustable)
Needles(3 sizes) 6x6mm
Packaging size 43.5×34.5x58cm

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