Hair and Skin Analysis Machine & Skin Analysis Machine with USB Connector


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Hair and skin analyzer & skin analysis machine with USB connector!


1) Highly clear image, light design,
2) Come with a package, easy to carry,
3) Magnifying lens 50X, 200X,
4) Connected to PC compatible, easy to use, clear image,
5) The most convenient and economic hand-held beauty device on the market,
6) Can analyze the style of skin exactly, in order to take care of our skin.
7) Popular to check skin and hair after IPL treatment

Technical Specifications:

1) External voltage: 100-240V
2) Working voltage: 12V
3) Power: 15W
4) Working frequency: 50-60Hz
5) Camera lens: 50 and 200 times
6) N. W/G. W: 1.4 / 2.0kg
7) Meas.: 31cm(L)*23cm(W)*12cm(H)

Functions & Features:

1) Connected with computer for checking pictures
2) With 2 camera lens
2) Magnifies images 50 and 200 times
4) Enlarge epidermal layer of various skin
5) Portable design, easy carrying
6) 1 year warranty with professional engineer support

Package & Accessories:

1) Main machine * 1
2) Power Cord * 1
3) 2 camera lens
4) Instruction Manual * 1

How it works

Convenient for beautician operation, by using the high definition camera and hi-tech computer to analyze the skin quality, oil, moisture, the beautician could completely detect the customers skin and hair, thus to find out the pathology change of the skin and hair. It could compare the effects displaying before cure and after, it is useful to persuade and satisfy the customer.
It also can formulate a comprehensive care treatment, home skin beauty, and health care guidance to replenish physical energy timely and correctly in order to solve all kinds of internal problems.

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