Handheld LED Light Photodynamic Therapy Machine for Skin Care


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Handheld LED Light Photodynamic Therapy Machine For Skin Care

Model: MCR-P07C2

>>Indication(Red light):

Wound healing:various conventional surgical incisions, posttraumatic wound, incurable wound, acute or chronic wound.

Eliminating inflammation: bacterial infection inflammation, fungal infection inflammation, internal bacteria-free inflammation, virus infection inflammation.

Relieve pain:the pain caused by acute or chronic diseases related with wound and inflammation.


Red light is a light in the natural visible spectrum, whose wavelength range is 620~750nm. The light sensation of retina to this visible light is red, so it called red light. Red light has photochemical effect as well as thermal effect with strong penetration to human tissue. The penetration depth can up to 30mm that other wavelenghs of lights do not have, which have more obvious and direct biological effect.


1. Streamlined design, fashionable, delicate and portable
2. 8 pieces tricrystal chips LED, with higher intensity light output
3. Various light sources available, which can meet different requirements
4. With COUNTDOWN work mode, easy to operate
5. External replaceable lithium-ion battery, work time up to 120mins
6. Standard MiniUSB can be connected to power adapter or computer for charge
7. OLED display , low power consumption, large viewing angle

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