Home Use Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine for Ance


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Home use diamond microdermabrasion machine for ance

1.Diamond Dermabrasion Principle

Diamond Dermabrasion makes use of a patented diamond dermabrasion tube, combined with inlaid diamond particles of different thickness of the diamond carved heads, and rub back and forth by the way, and with instruments to control the intensity of suction vacuum suction, the skin worn a shallow layer is a non-invasive, shallow dermabrasion physical nature.

This kind of purely physical, mechanical principles, compared to acid peels and chemicals removed from the way horny, do not irritate the skin with a mild advantage.It is suitable for very sensitive skin. By the suction size and thickness of the miniature diamond dermabrasion to control shades. Its less of irritating and after the operation would not have bothered to take care of the wound.It is not easy to have a pigmentation or redness of skin problems, and do not have a crystal particles when operating scattered residual problem, the whole process is very clean and safe.
Diamond Dermabrasion can be used to improve the skin’s pigmentation disorder, shallow pock youth, age spots, rough skin after sun exposure and aging facial lines.It can also promote skin renewal, skin showing smooth to the touch immediately after surgery ……After diamond dermabrasion treatment, you can do the ultrasonic import or use whitening preparations, with ice compress, then the result will be better. Your beautiful wishes will come true!
In addition to diamond dermabrasion, this instrument also equipped with a dedicated black suction head, super suction can be effectively sucked out pimples, blackheads and excess skin oils keep the skin clean and fresh.

2.Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle

1.Accelerated remove the skin surface dust pollutants radicals which easy to hurt the cell,Enhance the cell’s natural defense. Avoid the collagen fibers denaturing.
2.Promote blood and lymph circulation, Metabolism, let the dermis have enough Nutritional supplements,the wrinkle will remove.

3.Increase the skin permeability, the beauty products can penetrate deeper, promote the cell’s natural defense renew, heal the wrinkle.
4.Promote collagen fibroblasts produce the collagen fibers, increase the skin defense. Avoid the radicals hurt the skin, keep the skin compact and flexible.

3.Treatment for the stain and dull skin

1.Remove the aging keratin,Avoid skin cells excessive accumulation,keep the skin Smooth and delicate;
2.Promote blood and lymph circulation, Metabolism, increase the skin Oxygenated, let the skin rosy.
3.Increase cell permeability,the beauty products easy for absorption, improve the skin moisturizing. the skin turn brightness and luster;
4.Improve the epidermal basal cell regeneration, accelerate skin renew, let the skin uniform whitening.

4.Treatment for skin hyperpigmentation

1. An acceleration of melanin and remove residual cells in the skin easily lead to environmental pollution and damage lipid peroxidation embryos cream and other substances can be added in epidermal keratinocytes rapidly melanin spots.
2, Improve skin microcirculation , promoting melanin metabolism, strengthen the deep whitening , restore melanin, Pale spot effect is obvious.
3 , increase skin permeability , allowing the cells to absorb deep whitening products , effectively inhibit the formation of melanin , prevent pigmentation on the face.
4, to promote the regeneration of epidermal basal cells and increase skin immunity, strengthening against ultraviolet radiation , keep the skin white and bright.

5.Treatment for the dry skin

1.Remove the aging keratin, Avoid skin cells excessive accumulation, keep the skin smooth and delicate.
2.Promote blood and lymph circulation, let the water and oxygen easy for absorption, increase the brightness and luster;
3.Moisture and repair effect: Increase cell permeability, the beauty products is easy for absorb, improve the skin Moisturizing.
4.Improve the epidermal basal cell regeneration, accelerate skin renew, let the skin tissue become normal, let the skin water transport capacity allowed to reach equilibrium

6.Treatment effect

1 , Pit 5-10 times the effect of 80% -100 %
2 , Large pores 1-2 times the effect of 90%

3 , Closed acne 2 times the effect of 100%
4 , Seborrheic dermatitis 3-5 times the effect of 100%
5 , Rough skin 1-2 times the effect of 100%
6 , The effect of fiber lumps 2-3 times 100%
7 , nasolabial folds wrinkles on one’s forehead as appropriate , effect of 80% -100 %

8 , age spots , as the case raised the effect of 80% -100%
9 , the effect of small wrinkles rosacea as appropriate , effect of 80% -100 %
10 , firming lift 1-10 times the effect of 80% -100 % 11 , pock scars 3-5 times and the effect of 90%


Small, lightweight, easy to carry
Machine is only 160g, it’s convenient for home use and portable

3 different degree of thickness of diamond tips

Small diamond tips use in delicate and sensitive parts of the skin (around the eye),Middle diamond tips use in face and neck Big diamond tips use in rough skin and wrinkle parts (such as the body ,elbow,knee)
3 different size vacuum treatment heads

Double filtration device, easy to clean, prevent the obstruction into the interior of the machine effectively
Suitable for different kinds of the skins, also sensitive skin.

No excitability, no stabbing pain, no need to anesthetize.

By physical micro dermabrasion, easily controlled, no side effect, safety.
Non-invasive treatment, no excitability, no pain .
The effect is significant.
After finished the treatment ,then will not affect the work and social

Part no AF-M31
power output DC5V
power 16W
weight 80g
packing size 215*150*85MM
Advantage Direct factory since 2009

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Company information

Started from Year 2009, Guangzhou Allfond Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional manufacturers making various kinds of top beauty and slimming equipment, including:

(1). Cavitation RF vacuum machine
(2). IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal machines
(3). RF (Radio Frequency) Skin Rejuvenation Systems
(4). No needle mesotherapy machine
(5). LED Skin Rejuvenation beauty machines
(6). Micro needle derma pen /derma roller
(7). Diamond and crystal microdermabrasion Systems
(8). Cryolipolysis cavitation rf machine
(9). Teeth whitening machine
(10). SPA capsules
(11). Provide OEM ODM service

We insists on the ideal of "technology innovation, professional manufacturer, and sincerely service" and the operating principle "customer priority, and mutual benefits". Quality is the soul of our company.

Our services

Warranty: We offer one year free warranty, lifetime maintenance , 24 hours on-line service.

OEM/ODM Service:

1. Software adjustment (logo &menu design, different languages)
2. Unique machine shape design
3. Treatment handle, filters design.
4. Package (style, material, label design)
5. According to the budget, machine weight, size, provides reasonable projects.

Manufacturer direct sale with best price.

Training: Once you buy machines from us,we supply professional training for you. Detailed user
manual, Video, online service are the basis training. Moreover, we teach how to use
the machine and how to do the treatments step by step.

If you order large quantities, we will provide very favorable price.

Any problem, just feel free to contact us, we will try our best to solve your problems at once

1. Do you have any warranty for your products?

Yes. All the machines have warranty. One years warranty on host machine is given.

2. How is your after-sale service?

We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help in time by telephone, webcam, online chat (Google talk, Facebook, Skype, whatsapp, etc). Please contact us once the machine has any problem. Best service will be offered.

3. Will you teach how to use the machine?

Yes, we can provide a complete user manual for instruction and application, ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily. It is easy to operate by anyone with the instructions.

4. How about the shipment?

The machine will be delivered within 2-3 days after confirming the receipt of your payment.

Here you can find a large selections of microdermabrasion machine suppliers and manufacturers from China, do not hesitate to contact our derma rolling device suppliers if you need the items.


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