Home Use LED Face Skin Rejuvenation RF Beauty Equipment


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Home use LED face skin rejuvenation RF beauty equipment

Product parameter
Product name Home use LED face skin rejuvenation RF beauty equipment
Product type LB244
Power 24W
RF frequency 1MHZ
Packing size 35*33*8.5
Gross weight 1.52kg

Principle1.RFRF energy directly act on skin, strengthen skin tissue’s permeability. By use of charges repel, push the nutrition molecular into cell membrane. Then it achieves the effects: deep moisturizing, tightening, wrinkle removal and whitening.
 2.RF lightRF light: red light blue light
Wavelength of 630nm light, known as " the biological active light", it can improve cells activity, accelerate metabolism and collagen formation with the effects of adding skin flexibility, improving skin situation, recovering damaged skin, shrinking pore, anti-aging and oxidation.
Wavelength of 470nm light has the effect of sterilization, inflammation. It can effectively destroy propionate bacillus bacterium under the condition of no damage to skin tissue. What’s more, it can reduce even cure the inflammatory acne in very short time. It can remove pimple and acne without pox mark and pigment, has the effect of recovering skin.


  1. Purify skin, remove spare thick cutin.
  2. Clean and shrink pore, resolve grease.
  3. Lift face, tighten loose skin.
  4. Stimulate collagen generation.
  5. Skin moisturizing.
  6. Promote skin oxygen absorption.
  7. Update skin and make skin keep young state.

Attention matters

  1. Please avoid operating wounded area.
  2. Please not operate: the person who have serious couperose skin.
  3. Please not operate: the person who has heart diseases, especially with heart pacemaker.
  4. Please not operate: eye or face hurt or have inflammation.
  5. Please do not wear contact lenses during operating.
  6. Pregnant women cannot use.
  7. The person with mental material inside cannot operate.
  8. Serious diseases and surgical patient cannot operate.
  9. If have any doubt or problem not clear, please consult professional people such as doctor.

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