Home Use LED Skin Whitening Care Aesthetic Device


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Home Use LED Skin Whitening Care Aesthetic Device
Home Use LED Skin Whitening Care Aesthetic Device
Treatment theory:
LED medical treatment system, as the newest high-tech product, adopts the imported gene biology-wave lamp-house with over 99% original LED from America, with the unique transmitting technology by light signal in the world, not heat effect.
Red light 630nm—Wrinkle removal
High-purity red light can penetrate into deep level of the skin to increase microcirculation by photochemical activity, to stimulate metabolism and to accelerate cells refresh. Red light irradiation could increase effectively collagen cytoactive, speed up elimination waste matter or dead cell from the tissue and stimulate fibroblast growth.Home Use LED Skin Whitening Care Aesthetic Device
Blue light 470nm—Acne killer
High-purity blue light, which well matches with light absorption peak of propionibacterium    acnes, can permeate into cortes below 0.25mm, destroy the living environment of bacillus, and relieve inflammation.
Yellow light 590nm—Skin rejuvenation
High-purity yellow light, which well matches with the peak of light absorption, can stimulate lymphatic and nerve system, strengthen the function of muscle and immunologic system, and relieve sensitive skin.
Home Use LED Skin Whitening Care Aesthetic Device
The red light can repair impaired skin, smooth fine wrinkles, recover skin flexibility, improve dark complexion, leaving your skin tender, white and fresh. Furthermore, the red light can eliminate skin inflammation and has positive effect on cell pathological changes. The treatment is easy, soft, comfortable and effective.
The blue light can remove the acne from the skin as well as improving the scar. Meanwhile, the blue light keeps you calm. If the blue light is treated on part of forehead, you will feel relaxed, calm and comfortable.
The yellow light could improve effectively microcirculation, regulate cell cytoactivee, reduce brown spots, control the growing of melanin, and remove freckles. Thus, it can improve skin problems caused by age, giving brilliant effects to the skin.

1. Desalt: Fleck, Sunburn, Age Pigment etc.
2. Rehab: Any burn, Blain or Pigmentation caused by high energy from IPL and laser treatment.
3.  Modulation: Maladjusted incretion, Ovary Maintained, breast lifting
4.  Removal: Whelk, Macula, Folliculitis
5.  Improve: Coarse Pore, Flabby Skin, thin Wrinkle, Gray complexion. Facial nerve anaesthesia, Relieve pressure,Improve sleeping.
Home Use LED Skin Whitening Care Aesthetic Device

1. Medical grade LED bulb. The wave length tolerance of medical diode bulbs is ±2%. Ordinary industry diode bulb is ±5-10% of wave length tolerance. And common living light is ±15% of wave length tolerance and even more.
2. Output energy and precise control are also a factor of good results. Choose powerful energy and control system tolerance ≤5%. To achieve precise treatment results
3. The equipment meets medical equipment standard, such as emergency, working indicator, electric circuit protection EMC system.
4. 720-degree eddy of the treatment head
5. Bigger area irradiation, arc design of the light head suitable for the character of face
6. Control of the up-down pole for easy operation
7. One equipment with two different lights (red and blue), the keys for two lights can be easily switched
8. Does not hurt to the skin cell, no side effect
9.  Simple operation, no need of professional training
10.  Longer lifetime, steady capability, longer continued word time
11.  No special nurse and normal dressing for skin after treatment
Home Use LED Skin Whitening Care Aesthetic Device

Light source LED gene biology light
Source Wave length Red light:640 ± 2 nm ;  Blue light:470 ± 2 nm
lightness when wave length is 730nm, the lightness =480mcd
when wave length is 470nm, the lightness =480mcd
Type of output light continuous
Spot area 470*300*300mm
Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Output power 120mw
Size 92*44*146cm
Net Weight 22KG

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