Hot Sale 808nm Diode Laser Machine for Hair Removal



Hot Sale Diode Laser 808nm Machine for Hair RemovalWorking Theory 
   808nm diode laser hair removal machine, a kind of disease treatment device, through continuous high energy laser to achieve the transformation of power, light, thermal. It is also a laser treatment machine together with the laser, electronic, computer science and medicine techniques.
   The working principle for the machine: The microprocessor control the laser power, which can provide the constant current for the laser module. The inner high energy diode, from the laser module, transform the electronic to light energy, which output the constant laser with wavelength 808nm.The laser light on the skin by leaded crystal, penetrate into the
deep tissue of the skin. The light energy is absorbed and then turned into the thermal energy, which can destroy the hair follicle tissue, make it gone and never grow again.Advantages 
1. Safety: 808 nm Diode Laser Machine has stable performance, long usage life: it is real time controlled by the intellectual CPU.
2. Fast: Fast coverage rate for hair removal with large 12×20 mm square spot, high efficiency,
3. Efficacy: 808nm wavelength laser, which is in the spectrum of near infrared(0.75-1.50μm), could be absorbed by the melanin best, penetrates through the depth of dermis and adipose tissue and then act on the hairs with different positions and depths.
4. Pain free: Sapphire cooling tip, cools the epidermis down to 0~4 ºC. Offers cooling all the way,  comfort and without pain.
5. Convenience: Friendly use design, easy to operate man machine interface– touch display, easy to operate.
6. Permanence hair removal: Applicable to all skin color, excellent result.

Product Name Diode laser hair removal machine
Laser Wavelength 808nm
Laser type semiconductor laser
Voltage 110V-220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Treatment spot 12×20mm
Pulse width 10~400ms(continuous adjustable)
Power density 1~140J/cm2(continuous adjustable)
display 10 inch color touch screen
Pulse frequency 1~20Hz
 Cooling way sealed inner circled water cooling system, treatment head temperature -4~4ºC
Power supply 300w 450w 600w optional
Cooling System Wind and Air Cooling
Weight 40kg


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