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 Working Princple 
Laser tattoo equipment adopts the Q switch mode, which makes use of the instantaneous emitted laser to break the pigment in ill structure.. That’s the laser instantaneous emit theory: centralized high energy emit suddenly, which makes laser of settled wave band instantaneously penetrate through cuticle to the ill structure in 10ns, and break the relevant pigments quickly. After absorb the heat, the pigments swell and break down, some pigments ( in skin-deep cuticle ) fly off the body immediately, and other pigments ( deep structure ) break down then become the tiny granule can be licked up by the cell, digested and egest from the lymph cell. Then the pigments in ill structure will disappear. Moreover, the laser do not damage the surrounding skin tissue.

 Feature :

  • Fashionable design
  • Strong laser output energy: higher efficient and more comfortable treatment
  • Humanized treatment Menu: English system language, simple operation
  • Alarm of water flow: if no water inside or few water inside machine system will alarm automatically and stop all working immediately
  • High quality machine shell of ABS material, with OEM logo painting services

Advantages :

  • High frequency and stable energy output, to meet the ideal effect by safe operating environment.
  • Accurate targeting treatment area, No pain, no scar, no skin damage
  • Excellent cooling system ensure lasting working.
  • Without down time
  • Significant performance without side effects
  • 8 intelligent touch screen friendly user interface system

Function :

1064 nm laser is suitable for nevus of ota and coffee spot, freckles, moles, age spots, birthmark, traumatic pigmentation, dispel black tattoo, eyebrow, lip, eye, etc.
 532 nm laser Is suitable for red or brown tattoos, eyebrow tattoo, lip liner, liner.And it can effectively fade red or brown birthmark and all kinds of shallow spots, etc.
1320 nm Black doll is suitable for skin tender skin whitening
755 nm laser Is professional for pigment removal, face speckle removal 

The treatment and usage of black doll head Principle: The product using nanometer active carbon adsorption characteristic and the tight ultrafine characteristics, effectively in-depth pores and tightly suck the grease and living annoying dirt inside the soft skin, and under the laser irradiation, fully absorb, causing the laser energy superpower carbon powder, can effectively shatter blasting heat energy produced deep dirt, fully stimulate the dermal collagen skin and the collagen fiber new organization, thus reach whitening, shrinking pale spot, shrink pores, to the effect of black. Contain vitamin B3 and B5 can effectively protect skin, gentle care skin. After use, can be easily to undertake deep-seated cleanness, make your hair plug meal, purify pores open the oil problem, improve acne problem, promote skin metabolism, leave skin tender, fine, smooth, bright and relaxed. Wrinkle reduction and Firming Skin Whitening and Care Anti-senile and tender-skin.

Parameters :

Wavelength 1064nm&532nm&1320nm  (755nm for optional)
Pulse energy 100mj -2500mj  Adjustable
Pulse Width 600ps
Spot Size  2-10mm
Repetition Rate 1-10Hz  Adjustable
Operation Interface 8 inch Color Touch Screen
Laer Power 1000W
Laser shots 600,000-800,000
Aiming Beam Guided by red light 650nm 
Cooling Systems Water and Air cooling
Electrical Requirements 100–120V/60Hz or 200–240V/50Hz
Dimension  60cm*49cm*60cm  (Wooden case packing)
GW  28kgs  (Wooden case packing)
Functions Tattoo Removal, Eyebrow Tattoo Removal,
Pigment Removal, Nevus Removal,
Carbon Treatment Skin Rejuvenation

Delivery and Shipping:

Production Lead time :5-7 days after payment received
Payment term: T/T/ Western Union or Paypal ( full payment before shipment)
Shipment way : DHL / FEDEX /TNT / EMS / Customer’s nominated shipping forwarder


1.One year warranty, lifetime maintenance as well as 3 months free spare parts replacement.Once you get the
machine,we would provide you with the user manual, maintenance manual, tutorial viode for your easy reference and operation .
2.Training: (Video Manual Online Service) Can Make You Operate It Easily.
3.Professional guide: 24 Hours online customer service, Our Professional Engineer teams who can speak Chinese ,English would be of your great help to solve any problems you meets during using .
4.OEM&ODM service for distributor (Logo/Color/System Fuctions can be customized)


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