Hot Steaming Face Replenishment Household Face Spray Health SPA Facial Steamer for Skin Ultrasonic Beauty Care




·         Material: ABS
·         Color: White
·         Dimension: approx.16.7 x 14.5 x 14.2cm 
·         Gift box size: 16.5 x16.5 x 19cm
·         Weight:approx. 656g
·         Water tank volume: 75mL
·         Power: 250 W
·         Voltage: 220V ( please pay more attation this voltage , if you country use 110,please contact with me at first.
·         Adapter plug type : Chinese type ( two flat pins), if customer need EU or SAA plug, please remark it and we will send extra travel conversion plug
·         Spray time: 10 munites
·         Hot steam can open the skin pore and soft the dirty
·         After steam,it is easy to cleaning the dirty which deep in skin.
·         If you can buy this steamer with our black head removal device together, the effective will more obvious
·         Deep moisture the skin ,bring hydration to deeper layers of the skin.
·         Nano spray mist to improve and prevent skin aging,narrow coarse pores
Whiting skin ,anti-allergy repair to make skin fortress and elastic recoverty.
·         Replenish face skin moisture, improve skin dull yellow
·         Anti-pimple and oil control
·         Skin whitening
·         Skin nourishing
Suitable Occasions
·         heavy makeup- skin dry
·         computer radiation- skin dull yellow
·         ageing- skin wrinkles
·         season changes- skin allergy
·         outside sun exposure- skin decrustation and sunburn
·         flashlight- discomfortable
·         air-conditioned room- water depletion 
Package Included
·         1 x Hot facial steamer
·         1 x User Manual

If yon are interested in any of our facial steamer products, please feel free to contact us.


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