Hottest Water Oxygen Jet Peel Facial Machine with Skin Analyzer


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Hottest water oxygen jet peel facial machine with skin analyzer

Work theory:
This equipment uses only pure oxygen and sterile liquid to formate bout 50 to 80 micron particle provide very gentle and accurate treatment for a wide rage of aesthetic goals.

High velocity microdroplets of saline solution that have been accelerated and become saturated by the surrounding heightened pressure of the supersonic flow of oxygen,

penetrate to deep skin and reach dermis, providing oxygen, water and nutrishment that required by skin metabolism. Meanwhile, remove superficial pathology and affect collagen remodeling.

Through washing, remove skin allergies a good source of (rapid improvements in skin)

Could produce 90% pure oxygen;
Multi functions:oxygen inject,oxygen spray,oxygen inhale,skin detect,lympha drainage,BIO wrinkle removal,water oxygen hydro dermabrasion

Application Range :
—Scar removal: acne scar and scar caused by burn, surgery and laser treatment etc;
—Wrinkle removal: stretch marks, wrinkles around lips, eye area, eyebrows and neck;
—Skin rejuvenation: removes pigments and freckles; tighten large pores; cleans the skin completely, improves the flexibility and tone of the skin;
—Acne removal: removes acne, comedones and acne scar. Restrain dermatitis;

***Innovative idea for skin regeneration: only water and oxygen required.
***The outstanding effect without injection.
***The treatment depth is controlled by operators: safe. and reliable
***Patented technology; easy to use with clear steps.
***A vast range of applications; all-in-one machine.


Functions detail :

***Water oxygen 
***Oxygen sprayer
***Oxygen injection
***Oxygen mask
***BIO skin lifting
***skin analyzer


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