Hydro Dermabrasion Diamond Microdermabrasion Hydradermabrasion Beauty Machine


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Hydro Dermabrasion Diamond Microdermabrasion Hydradermabrasion Beauty Machine(If you want to buy one, please contact supplier to quotate the price)


This equipment uses crused oxygen and water. Tiny drip with nutrition fluid is acted on skin in the form of spray. These tiny drips could penetrate through pore and cracking of skin. So tiny drip in filtrats from epidermis into dermis to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells as well as to removal waste in epidermis.


Technology vacuum negative pressure water cycle
Vacuum pressure 300mmHg
Medical suction machine vacuum pressure constant
Treatment heads 6 (oxygen RF Sprayer BI0 micro-electric therapy cold hammer ultrasound)
Power 300w
Application Oxygen: face cleaning,blackheadremoval, pore cleaning
Ultrasonic : promote microcirculation, can be imported into the deep penetration of skin products to accelerate the absorption
RF :face lifting and tightening
Cold hammer:skin tightening,shrink pores
Sprayer:promote Moisturizing
BIO micro-chemotherapy: enhance the tightening of the facial skin, promote lymphatic drainage

Bubble cleaner handle

In the carbon dioxiderich acidic environment, reduce the PH value within the cell, intracellular hemoglobin oxygen affinity and a reduced ability known as: Bohr effect, can enhance blood circulation, increase blood oxygen content, accelerate skin cell metabolism.

RF handle

Promote fibroblasts produce rebuild collagen, making skin firmer, smooth and wrinkle-free skin texture.

Ultrasound handle

The use of high-frequency ultrasound on the skin 1Hz internal stimuli of vibration, resulting in tepid to drive the organization to improve its skin cell metabolism and promote blood circulation, while the bottom of the product into the skin, enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture, fine pores and improve skin condition.

BIO handle

Tighten the eye muscles, strengthen the eye muscles flexibility so that the text of the end of eye loss, eye bags, glasses relieve fatigue, reduce dark circles.

Cold Hammer
Cold hammer energy acting on the skin, the skin pores, the nutrients and water blocked in the pores to prevent moisture loss, and achieves allergy sedative effect.

Oxygen Sprayer
Use the oxygen, together with the active concentrated essence, to do the pure oxygen massage on the skin in order to treat all kinds of prurituses, sensitive skin, neurotic dermatits, contact dermatitis, eczema, whelk, the sunlight symptom, etc.

Our Services
One year warranty: if there any problem happens with machine, we will repair it free of charge
Convenient training: operation video is available,and we can provide the online training
OEM/ODM services: logo, language, interface can specially be designed

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Delivery within 5-7 days after finishing payment.
Shipping Way: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx etc express couriers’ door to door service by air

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We are specialized in Beauty and Medical Equipment with professional R&D department, Design &Production and Sales &Service team. Our machines are sold all over the world, and get good feedback .

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